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Jeff Kinley author of AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH: WARNINGS FROM BIBLE PROPHECY ABOUT THE COMING GLOBAL STORM (Harvest House) will be interviewed on Fox & Friends on Monday, March 31st to discuss the film “Noah” and the striking parallels between Noah and his day and if we are heading toward the end times today. Among the similarities found in today’s news include the country’s rapid economic decline, the increase in bloodshed and violence in America, compromised personal information and identity theft, uninhibited sexual freedom and the persecution of Christians who are vilified for their beliefs. Kinley encourages Christians to utilize the prophetic unfolding as motivation to share their faith to others. While Christians anticipate Christ’s return they, like Noah, need to build a life that invites others to salvation through their words, example, and relationships. Kinley has been featured in several national media outlets including  In the Market with Janet Parshall,   Family Life Radio, American Family Radio, Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze”, Janet Mefferd, Salem Radio News, USA Radio and Christian Post. More information is available at