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Harvest House author Ed Hindson has died

A very dear friend and Harvest House author—Ed Hindson—is now in the Lord’s presence.

An exceptionally gifted speaker and writer, Ed was equally enthusiastic as a teacher and in one-on-one conversation. He exhibited a truly caring interest in everyone he interacted with.

Through the years, Ed made many friends among our staff, and he would take the time to ask people how they and their families were doing. We loved publishing with Ed because God and Scripture were always front and center in his books, and his foremost desires were to exalt Christ and edify believers.

Ed’s Harvest House books, which represent the lion’s share of his 40 published works, have sold nearly 1,000,000 copies worldwide in all formats. Three of those titles have reached near or above 100,000 copies. He was most recognized for his significant contributions to the fields of Bible prophecy and apologetics.

Bible prophecy was a topic dear to Ed’s heart, and to hear him teach on this subject was always a great blessing. He taught with a tremendous emphasis on the hope offered by Bible prophecy, and it is fitting that of the many books he wrote or coauthored with Harvest House, the last one before his homegoing would be Future Glory: Living in the Hope of the Rapture, Heaven, and Eternity.

In Future Glory, Ed wrote, “Once people grasp all that God has planned for their eternal future, they are thrilled, blessed, and amazed beyond all their expectations.” Right now, Ed is experiencing his first tastes of the very splendor that he wrote about, and undoubtedly, he is being amazed beyond all his expectations!

President Bob Hawkins Jr. states that “Ed Hindson was one of the godliest men we have ever had the privilege of working with. He was the real deal, who walked the talk and was overtly committed to sharing the gospel and serving Christ in all he did during his 70-plus years as a believer.”

Our hearts go out to Ed’s wife, Donna, their three grown children, and their seven grandchildren, knowing this is a deeply heartfelt loss for them. And we are grateful for the privilege of having been both a partner in and recipient of Ed’s teaching and writing ministry for more than 25 years.

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