Harbour Hope Organization to End Human Trafficking

Most people don’t realize that thousands of American kids are trafficked each year. Globally, the US is the #1 consumer of pornography and ranks 3rd in the number of children being exploited in prostitution (300,000) annually. 

The reality of sex trafficking is not new. But the release of the 2023 film “Sound of Freedom” has cast a spotlight on this dark underbelly of society, bringing the issue of child sex trafficking to mainstream consciousness.

By telling the story of a former government agent turned vigilante who rescues children from such horrifying circumstances, the film not only exposes the stark reality of human trafficking but also inspires viewers to take action.

Organizations like Harbour Hope have been at the forefront of this fight long before the movie’s release. Harbour Hope exists to raise awareness regarding the issue of human trafficking and to bring restorative light to end the darkness. They provide hope and healing to survivors of human trafficking through mentoring friendships, life skills coaching, and leadership development. 

FrontGate Moving Pictures’ 4-time Emmy Award-winner, Steph Carse, produced an informational and promotional video for Harbour Hope to spread awareness about how to get involved to end human trafficking.

Since Harbour Hope’s beginning in 2015, friendships have been formed and families restored. In addition, they have consistently seen an over 80% success rate in the reduction of recidivism during services and post-discharge of victims transitioning from residential programs or jail by providing immediate service delivery based on an individualized service plan.

God calls us all to speak up for those without a voice and to ensure justice for those being crushed. If you want to know how to volunteer to end human trafficking, you can participate in Harbour Hope’s community education workshops and help raise funds to support the cause. 

Everyone can do something!

You can start today by learning more about Harbour Hope and how to get involved in their fight to end human trafficking.

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