Guy Hatcher delivers amazing insight in financial planning in his new bookYour Future Reflection: How to Leave a Legacy Beyond Money, but more importantly, challengers readers to examine their relationship with God, His vision for them and how to break the constraints of the world’s definitions of success.

During a great interview Guy Hatcher, The Legacy Guy, begins by explaining the different generations how their view of their legacy, planning and entitlement.

“I’ve seen the Traditionalist, because of what happened coming out of The (Great0 Depression: they have definitely lived within their means and a fear of not having means,” Hatcher says contrasting this with the Baby Boomers, who “got to see the expansion of America.”

These Boomers pursued the American Dream through long hours, resulting in helping the next generation (The Busters) by “giving you stuff for mot being so active in your life,” creating the first phase of entitlement.

Hatcher explains how this continues and has worsened with the Mosaic generation.

Hatcher then shares a powerful desire from individuals to hand something else off, a powerful topic in thebook, before shifting gears to the individual paralyzed by fear.

Describing them as “Triggers of emotion” Hatcher says “What happens is…you are basing your today off of a lie of deceit in the past. It creates this trigger” which in turn creates fear: fear of failure, fear of repeating mistakes or fear of being who God wants us to be.

Hatcher’s boldness and clarity is revealed in the book are deepened during the interview as he faces worldly problem agressively and through his own testimony which includes divorcecounseling and most importantly – deliverance.