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Gordon College President signs contract with IVP for April 2021 release of “Hinge Moments”

WESTMONT, IL—D. Michael Lindsay, president of Gordon College and author of the Pulitzer Prize nominee Faith in the Halls of Power, has signed a contract with InterVarsity Press to release his next book, Hinge Moments, in April 2021.

Lindsay said, “After years of working on a book project that examines the best way to manage change and transitions in our life, I am thrilled to be publishing my next book with IVP. InterVarsity Press has provided so many resources that have blessed me personally and professionally. I look forward to seeing Hinge Moments in print.”

The eighth president of Gordon College, Lindsay’s tenure has coincided with record years of opportunity and growth for the campus. Prior to arriving at Gordon, Lindsay was a member of the sociology faculty at Rice University, where he won multiple awards for both his teaching and scholarly research. Author of two dozen academic publications, Lindsay’s most recent book, View from the Top, won two awards and has been translated into Chinese and Japanese. As a scholar and educational leader, Lindsay has lectured on six continents and works tirelessly to create opportunities worldwide for Gordon students, faculty, and staff. He earned his PhD in sociology from Princeton University and graduate theological degrees from Wycliffe Hall at Oxford University and Princeton Theological Seminary.

In the forthcoming Hinge Moments, Lindsay leans heavily on dynamic anecdotes and storytelling to flesh out the importance of the pivotal moments that will define our lives moving forward. His hope is that the book helps readers navigate any number of life transitions, including job changes, the loss of loved ones, graduation and entering the professional world, and even the unexpected transitions that have come with a pandemic.

“There are particular moments in life that are very much like a hinge on a door,” writes Lindsay. “Sometimes we call them pivotal, but what we really mean is that whatever follows will hinge on the decisions made in these opportune times. Such moments are axial by nature. They represent a fixed time, place, or event that produces consequences for the rest of our days. Getting them right can change our lives for the better. Getting them wrong can pose problems for years to come. Each of us is given a finite number of these hinge moments in life. In total they may represent only a few hundred minutes out of our total lives of seventy or eighty years, but they have an outsized impact on the other thirty-seven million minutes of our time on earth.”

Edward Gilbreath, executive editor at IVP, said, “In this era of real-time anxiety about the future, Michael Lindsay is bringing a fresh perspective on recognizing and leaning into life’s defining moments. Transitions are never easy, whether personal or professional, but Michael’s inspiring storytelling and compelling insights will help readers navigate change in hopeful and redemptive ways. We’re excited that he has chosen IVP as his publishing partner for this important book.”