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Goodwill Rights Management Corp. Announces the Signing
of a Cooperative Agreement Between Reformation Translation
Fellowship and Ligonier Ministries

Arthur Thompson, Executive Director, Reformation Translation

ATCHISON, Kan., Sept. 6, 2016 — Reformation Translation Fellowship announces the launch of the Chinese translation of Dr. R.C. Sproul’s Crucial Questions booklet series. This growing series is designed to present Dr. Sproul’s insights on questions which come up often in the minds of Christians today. These booklets are now accessible to the entire Chinese-speaking world of over 1 billion people that are in need of clear, biblical truth. John Cobb, Ligonier Ministries vice president of outreach, says, “These booklets have been great for introducing people to critical truths from the Bible. Dr. Sproul’s ability to clearly communicate complex concepts shines in this series and we are grateful that RTF has taken on the effort to see them read around the world in Chinese.”

The Church in China is experiencing dramatic growth, with many believers asking questions about Christianity. This series of titles will be a great help to House Church pastors who are confronted with crucial questions, equipping them to provide Biblical answers.

Seven Chinese Crucial Questions titles are available in E-Book format at the RTF website, More titles, including the 3 new titles released by Ligonier, will be added as the translation project continues.

Arthur Thompson, the Executive Director of RTF says: “Our cooperation with Ligonier Ministries and the publication of the Crucial Questions Series in Chinese is a valuable addition to Reformed literature for Christians in both China and the Chinese Diaspora.”

Other important Christian books in Chinese are available for free download at RTF-USA.Com.

Reformation Translation Fellowship was established in 1949 by missionaries who had been expelled from Mainland China following the Communist Revolution. RTF translates classic and contemporary Reformed titles to train pastors, church leaders and families in the Doctrines of Grace.

RTF is a mission distributing Christian books to House Churches. Reformation Translation Fellowship is supported by free-will contributions from individuals and churches that have seen how RTF meets the needs of the growing Church in China. More information is available at

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