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  • Natalie Gillespie is an award-winning author, journalist and editor who has written for a variety of publications including Home Life, Guideposts.com and WealthMagazine.com
  • GodsGreenery.com is the first online destination where the Christian community can access reliable information, research and stories about the uses of hemp-based Cannabidiol from a faith-based perspective.
  • The site features original stories, thought-provoking articles, videos, research and news coverage of the latest scientific studies about the use of CBD.

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Natalie-Gillespie, Editor-In-Chief of God's GreeneryFeb. 19, 2019 – Los Angeles, Calif. – GodsGreenery.com is pleased to welcome author, journalist and editor Natalie Gillespie as its Editor-in-Chief, the company announced today. As the author of Successful Adoption: A Guide for Christian Families and You Were Made to Make a Difference (with Max Lucado) and former editor of women’s lifestyle magazine mtl, Natalie loves telling authentic stories to help enrich lives and encourage her readers. She now brings her expertise and passion to GodsGreenery.com, the first online community for the Christian community to access reliable information, research and stories about the uses of hemp-based Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, from a faith-based perspective.

“I am thrilled to continue to build the GodsGreenery.com website and community,” Gillespie said. “As a mom and as a Christian, I am always looking for natural products to help heal my family God’s way. With GodsGreenery.com, we want to create a safe space for Christ followers and seekers to research CBD and see if it might benefit them.”

Because of potential health of benefits and approval of the federal Farm Bill 2018, CBD products are rapidly becoming mainstream and being sold in a variety of retail outlets nationwide. Understanding all of it can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially for Christians who may not understand the difference between CBD and cannabis and how CBD can fit into their lifestyle.

“GodsGreenery.com offers a breadth of content – from articles written by medical doctors and pastors to personal testimonies from various walks of life in the faith community, especially moms like me,” added Gillespie. “Think of GodsGreenery.com as an online resource this is accessible, satisfying curiosity and empowering the audience to make choices that are right for them.”

GodsGreenery.com grew from a desire to serve the Christian community and help answer questions unique to its perspective,” said Chief Executive Officer Michael Klein. “I am thrilled to have Natalie on board to add her voice, professional experience and spiritual insight to guide believers in their CBD research process.”

You can reach Natalie with article ideas, personal testimonies, theological thoughts or just to say hello at  Natalie.Gillespie@GodsGreenery.com.


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GodsGreenery.com is part of Miraculo Inc., a new integrated media company. GodsGreenery.com is the first online community where Christians can access reliable information, research and stories about the use of Cannabidiol, or CBD, the non-psychoactive, natural components of hemp and cannabis. By providing a safe destination with premium and trustworthy content through a faith lens – including original articles, research, podcasts, video and more – we are empowering Christian consumers to take control of their health and wellness journey. Learn more at GodsGreenery.com.

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