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Godly women collaborate on timely new book, “Beautifully Distinct,” edited by Trillia Newbell

CHARLOTTE, NC—As our world adjusts to a new normal due to the Coronavirus, Christians have unique opportunities to stand out and represent Christ in everyday life. Whether we’re conversing on social media, searching depleted grocery store aisles, or video chatting with friends about the news or recent movie releases, we are called to engage culture as good witnesses. In Beautifully Distinct, fifteen godly women share insights, ideas, and encouragement for reflecting Christ in diverse areas of life and culture.

Edited by Trillia Newbell, Beautifully Distinct features well-known authors and speakers such as Jen Wilkin, Jackie Hill Perry, Dannah Gresh, and Courtney Reissig. Each chapter focuses on a different area of life or culture that women encounter on an everyday basis, whether there is a global pandemic or not. Topics include food, social media, race, hospitality, work, and telling your story.

Newbell explains this book, “won’t provide all the answers, but it will be a helpful guide for us on our quest to be sanctified by truth. This is the beginning of a conversation meant to get you

and me thinking and asking questions as we engage the culture around us. Have you considered how what you read affects what you believe? What about the movies you watch? Who have you had in your home lately? Is there a way for you to communicate your own story compellingly for the Lord to use for his glory and the good of others?”

Offered in partnership with the Southern Baptist’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission , these messages embrace the freedom Christians have in Christ and encourage readers to be thoughtful, to listen well, and to speak well so that Christ will be glorified through everyday life. The unique combination of topics and contributors cultivates honest conversations on faith, life, and culture.

Ruth Chou Simons, the author of GraceLaced and Beholding and Becoming, commended the book, saying, “If it’s true that what we chase shapes our race, then how we see the world around us really matters. Beautifully Distinct is a much-needed resource that directs the way we engage with culture as women of God, and I’m grateful to these sisters for lending their wisdom—for such a time as this.”

As a result of Coronavirus, many people desire to make changes to their lifestyles. Many people are moving forward feeling more aware of their priorities, including sharing their faith. Beautifully Distinct will create opportunities, provoke thought, and inspire readers to make standing out as a representative of Christ part of their new normal.

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