Gab: A Christian & Conservative Facebook Alternative

Are you looking for a Facebook alternative with a strong focus on freedom of speech that doesn’t censor Christian content? Gab launched in 2016 and has gained popularity with Christians and Conservatives who want to connect with a like-minded audience. For ministries and organizations, advertising on Gab is an excellent way to reach your target audience and freely share your faith-based content, products, and opportunities without fear of religious or family values-based censorship. 

Why Gab as a Facebook Alternative for Advertising? Gab Ads: A Christian & Conservative Facebook Alternative

  • 23+ million unique visitors/users
  • 165 million monthly page views
  • Growing targeting options with user privacy 
  • No #BigTech internet police
  • Analytic tools and reporting

Gab Ad Specs

Immediate ad offerings include in-feed display ads, and video options begin soon. A more targeted ad system is under development. We will keep you updated as new opportunities arise. 

These are the current specs to advertise with Gab: 

  1. 1080×1080 logo (ad size for In News Feed Display is 1080×1080)
  2. Name of the organization that will be running the ads
  3. Copy that includes a title (40-50 chars) and description (70-90 chars)–examples below
  4. Landing page Link/URL for the ad
  5. Desired run dates

Gab Advertising Packages

  • 250,000 ad views total in one month: $1,500 
  • 500,000 ad views total over 2 months: $3,000 

Advertising on Gab is an excellent opportunity to reach an active faith-based audience. Because it’s a Christian and Conservative Facebook alternative, you can promote your latest project, fundraiser, or ministry initiative without censorship getting in the way. 

Contact FrontGate Media today to learn more about how to get started.