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Christmas in… August?

Christmas Fundraising, Fundraising

Greetings Cause Marketer!

Now is the time to start strategizing and building your holiday fundraising campaigns!

You’ve probably started. Although it may feel weird to begin planning your holiday campaign when it is still over 100 degrees in some states, you want to give people enough time to find your organization, learn about your mission, and decide to contribute.

Tips for Year-End Fundraising

Lila Rose, Fighting for Life, Lila Rose Case Study, Influencer Case Study, FundraisingCase Study: Influencer Campaign for Pro-life’s Lila Rose

FrontGate carefully identified, vetted, and curated a group of Christian influencers to promote Lila’s new book Fighting for Life through our Christian Influencer Group.  Beyond the book, we were also promoting Lila’s activism and work in the Pro-life movement.

Review the outstanding outcome of this campaign, and learn how you can use our Christian Social Influencers to promote your next cause-related project, product, resource, or initiative.

Read the Case Study now »

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Featured Opportunity:
Performance-Based Fundraising

As one of FrontGate Fundraising services, we offer non-profit organizations, ministries, and political campaigns a Performance-Based Fundraising option with Zero Upfront Cost for our Donor Acquisition services to grow your donor base. We also offer House File Management services with zero upfront costs.

  • Performance-Based Fundraising
  • Email & Text Prospecting
  • Also Effective for Crowdfunding

Learn more in this PDF »

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Sarah Jakes Roberts utilized our Christian Influencer Group to promote her latest book, Woman EvolveCheck out the amazing results

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FrontGate promoted Kathie Lee Gifford’s new book, It’s Never Too Late, using influencer marketing and saw these exceptional results

Deadline approaching for Musicos Adoradores: Our ALL SPANISH language & distribution worship publication to 144,000 LATINX Spanish-speaking House of Worship subscribersLearn how to advertise with us today

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