Great Commission Media Ministries (GCM Ministries) is a non-denominational modern missions organization that started 40 years ago as a small ministry reaching out to the people of the Soviet Union through short-wave radio broadcasts. Over time, it has grown into a worldwide ministry focusing on spreading the Gospel to nations such as Russia, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

GCM Ministries relies on support from individual donors, churches, and foundations to carry out their work. FrontGate Media was hired to develop a Sudan Relief Fundraising Campaign to generate donations through social advertising and email marketing.

Project Details: Sudan Relief Fundraising (Canada-Focused)

Our fundraising campaign efforts for GCM Ministries included

  • Writing fundraising copy for the giving landing page, social ads, and email communications.
  • Building the dedicated email to send through various direct email lists targeted to Canadian donors.
  • Creating ads to run on Gab–the leading censorship-free Christian and Conservative social media platform and alternative to Meta’s Facebook and Instagram.

Our first draft of the fundraising copy was well received, and our second draft was approved. We moved into the fine-tuning stage, selecting key points to emphasize and bold, reviewing the messaging for scanability to be sure readers would see those key statements. Finally, we created variations of the email design to allow for unique click tracking for each list.

We also developed several concepts for the Subject Line and Preview Text from which the client approved the final versions. The Subject Line continues to be the most critical part of the messaging because if it doesn’t grab the subscriber, they’ll never see the rest of the message, no matter how amazing it looks and reads.   

Finally, we took the approved messaging and imagery to create the Gab advertisements, including the 1080×1080 image, text headline, body copy, and donation page link.

Project Deliverables: Copy, Social Ads, and Email Campaigns

Fundraising Copy for Giving Page

GCM Ministry Fundraising Landing Page


Version 1

GCM Ministries Gab Ad

Copy: Only the Gospel can lead Sudanese Muslims to choose peace in response to the violence around them. Give a gift to free the Sudanese people from violence with a better choice: peace through Jesus. Read Yassir’s conversion story and give today!

Subline: $1=1 Muslim Gospel Response. Give Today!

Version 2

GCM Ministries Gab Ad

Copy: We see an astonishing average of 2,500 people respond to the Gospel message every time we air our program in Sudan. Every $1 spent to produce a Gospel-centered program generates one Muslim caller to our call center! How many Muslims will you help us reach?  Give today! 

Subline: $1=1 Muslim Gospel Response. Give Today!

Email Campaigns

Subject: Urgent: Save Sudanese families today!

Pre-Text: Provide a conduit of peace in Jesus for the people of Sudan. You can help!

GCM Ministry Fundraising Email Campaign

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