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FrontGate’s Strategy Division Announces SplashPlay Partnership
with The World Professional Rodeo Sport Group

The WPRSG is the newest charity to harness the “game-ified fundraising”
power of SplashPlay’s “Trivia with a Purpose.”

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Lori Heiselman

Terry Warren

Orange County, CA – FrontGate Media; the award-winning family-friendly and faith-based media group and marketing service, announced today a partnership between its development client SplashPlay and the World Professional Rodeo Sport Group (WPRSG), a legacy corporation that delivers education, training, and benefits programs designed for new generations of rodeo participants.

SplashPlay’s gaming is “Trivia with a Purpose,” providing non-profit organizations with no cost “game-ified fundraising”, while providing for-profit companies with a significant tech and platform trivia game to build branding and loyalty within their customer base.

WPRSG has developed a unique cooperative-based support program which fosters mentorship and sustainability for young ranchers and farmers. The organization offers an international training program aimed at increasing the skills and knowledge of current and aspiring professionals starting as young as the age of seven.  They extend the ability to participate to their family and community members, providing security the industry has not seen before, all built by contributing 30% of revenues back to the participants’ retirement program, academies, and rodeo purses.  The WPRSG is scheduling 10 events during 2016.

This is a brand new approach to the rodeo industry, one aimed at bringing in young participants, both animals and riders, and showcasing their capabilities as each moves towards higher skill levels.  Allan Parent, CEO of WPRSG says, “The SplashPlay Trivia Game will engage our participants and spectators in an entertaining way.  It gives us exciting options for direct involvement leading up to and at the planned events through interactive games that offer prizes to be won at each venue”.

SplashPlay’s successful rollout through multiple clients in the business sector including Queen of Hearts Foundation, USS Battleship Iowa, the Georgia Aquarium and more, has allowed the company to debut its trivia gaming platform to non-profits at no cost.

With SplashPlay, non-profit organizations and causes are able to create lucrative, passive income to subsidize their organization’s mission.  In addition, the platform generates social media visibility that helps expand brand awareness and engagement via mobile phones and tablets, or any Internet connected device, all at no cost to the organization.

“It is our mission to transform social media and mobile engagement to empower social causes by generously sharing our industry’s prosperity, creating the most innovative fundraising vehicle in America,” said Thomas Banks, Co-Founder of SplashPlay, Inc. “We believe the power of social media and mobile technology can be turned to positively benefit social causes,” added Banks.

SplashPlay has partnered with FrontGate for representation.  “Our partnership with SplashPlay allows us to equip causes and movements with a revenue generating platform that educates the public in an innovative, entertaining way,” states Scott A. Shuford, Chief Engagement Officer of FrontGate Media. “At a time where non-profits are struggling to engage with new potential donors, I expect SplashPlay’s crowd-sourced trivia game funding to become a hit with both passionate visionaries and their CFOs.”

To request a brief overview of SplashPlay or to request a presentation, please contact FrontGate Media at 949-429-1000 extension 2.

About World Professional Rodeo Sport Group

The World Professional Rodeo Sport Group is regenerating the resources of rodeo to support and revitalize the industry. Long-standing rodeo legends are joining hands with industry professionals to train young people in the art of rodeo. By combining practical mentorship with hands-on business, personal development, and health and fitness instruction, the company hopes to entice eager young riders and breeders to the sport.

About SplashPlay, Inc. 

SplashPlay, Inc. is a California based Mobile/Social/Location gaming entertainment enterprise providing interactive gaming for for-profit and non-profit organizations worldwide.  Paired with SplashPlay’s brick-and-mortar interactive gaming technology for entertainment, casual dining restaurants, quick service restaurants and packaging partners enable SplashPlay to fundamentally change the current social media and gaming landscape.  SplashPlay, Inc.’s corporate offices are in Mission Viejo, CA.

About FrontGate Media

FrontGate Media ( is an Award-Winning Marketing Service and Web & Events Group reaching the traditional as well as the faith and family values audience. The firm provides Market Strategy Development, Public Relations, Media Buying, and Social Media Marketing. FrontGate’s own Web & Events Network also provides reach to more than 10 million people and over 5 million email subscribers. Founded in 2001, FrontGate has repeatedly been honored in the Internet Advertising Competition and the WebAwards.  The company plays a key role in the success of for-profit and non-profit organizations seeking to brand their products and services.