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In the September issue:

  • A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get More Speaking Engagements
  • Case Study: Facebook Audience Growth for Christian Leader, Bryan Crum
  • Featured Opportunity: Reach 120,000 Church Leaders with Church Growth
  • Featured Video: Book Trailer for God is Good by Margaret Liu Collins
  • Featured Creative: Our YouVersion Devotional Submission Service
  • Top 12 Social Posts from August

How to Get More Speaking Engagements

Greetings Marketer!

We’re sharing the best strategies for how to get speaking engagements to promote your Christian business, ministry, or organization–

Securing speaking engagements from Christian churches or events requires a strategic, gradual, and long-term approach. The best time to get started is now–click the button below to learn how:

Learn How to Get More Faith-Based Speaking Gigs »


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Facebook Audience Growth Campaign for Christian Leader, Bryan CrumCase Study: Facebook Audience Growth for Christian Leader, Bryan Crum

Bryan Crum is a Christian ministry leader, author, and storyteller with a soon-to-be-released book from leading Christian publisher, David C Cook.

FrontGate Media was hired to help Bryan build his Facebook audience to help him increase his base and secure a publisher for his upcoming book release.

Click below to learn how we established a vibrant community of potential readers eagerly anticipating Bryan’s book release.

Read the Case Study now »


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Church Growth Magazine Christian Advertising Opportunity Featured Opportunity: Church Growth Magazine

Church Growth Magazine (CG) exists to equip pastors and leaders to increase in “all things”––leadership, discipleship, outreach, community engagement, and finances.

With over 120,000 subscribers, advertising with Church Growth provides an excellent opportunity for faith-based businesses, ministries, organizations, and charities to reach pastors and church leaders directly.

FrontGate Media offers a unique opportunity to place your brand in front of the Church Growth digital audience. 

Learn more + claim this Special Offer »

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✔️ Reach 9 MILLION Readers on The Christian Post
✔️ Get Your Content on for $1,295
✔️ Reach Christian Women: Direct Emails, Native Content, and Boosted FB Posts
✔️ Secure Guest Interviews on Christian Podcasts in 6-8 Weeks

Book Trailer for "God is Good" by Christian Author

Featured Video: Book Trailer for “God is Good”

If you’re looking for your next non-fiction Christian book to deepen and strengthen your faith, you’ll want to pick up a copy of God is Good by Margaret Liu Collins. This book is a heartfelt salute to the kindness and mercy of the Almighty.

FrontGate Moving Pictures’ and 4-time Emmy Award-winner Steph Carse produced an inspiring book trailer to promote God is Good, to uplift and encourage readers to celebrate the boundless goodness of God.

Learn more + watch the video »

YouVersion Devotional Submission ServiceFeatured Creative: Our YouVersion Devotional Submission Service

FrontGate Media’s YouVersion devotional submission service gets your content in front of the #1 Bible App’s millions of faith-focused readers. Want to learn more?

Review our latest devotional submission »

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✔️ Multi-outlet Ad Campaign for The Radio Signal
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