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FrontGate’s New Hires Expand Firm’s Unique Ability to Engage
& Deliver to the Faith-based Audience

Serving as “Your Gateway to the Christian Audience,” Award-Winning FrontGate Media is the largest Internet and Events Group & Marketing Service delivering the faith and family audience
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Orange County, CA – FrontGate Media, the leading faith-based, culture-engaged media group & marketing service, is happy to announce staff expansions, including the hiring of Mike Hatcher as Engagement Team Manager, Katie Nguyen as Social Marketing Manager and Julia Parra as Sales & Marketing Administrator. Based in Orange County, CA, FrontGate Media creates relationship and reach for organizations and companies seeking to reach the Christian audience via advertising, public relations, social media and consulting.

“I founded FrontGate for one reason: to find and deliver the best marketing opportunities and methods to organizations seeking the faith-based audience.  Our marketing team and exclusive media group members are handpicked for their success in audience engagement,” states Scott A. Shuford, Chief Engagement Officer. “With our expanded team, we are equipped to move every possible client forward in their growth curve, to produce results tailored to each individual client’s goals from large non-profit and for-profit initiatives right down to crucial audience capture for new causes, authors, and artists.” 

Mike Hatcher joins FrontGate as the Engagement Team Manager.  Mike brings to the table a rare combination of ministry and business experience. Throughout college and seminary, Mike worked in the ministry realm, working in music ministry leadership, Adult Spiritual Formation, discipleship and missions for various ministries and non-profit organizations. In moving to the private sector, he launched a successful online electronics business, followed by building two companies in Mortgage Finance and Real Estate.  In 2010, he established Big Dogs Marketing and Consulting, where Mike focused on non-profit foundation clients, and was able to merge CEO coaching with spiritual discipleship.  Mike is passionate about the evangelical community, and thrives when bridging the gap between marketplace goals and the church audience.  “FrontGate allows me to share my love for God’s people and my zeal for seeing our Kingdom community thrive,” he explains. 

Social Marketing Manager Katie Nguyen joins FrontGate with 8 years of experience.  A former business owner herself, Katie has realized results in delivering bottom line ROI, engaging people to take action in addition to understanding the nuances of using social media for branding and marketing. By using social tools and apps within the major social platforms to sell product, promote causes, raise funds, recruit donors and volunteers, to capture leads and engage followers, Katie creates a custom voice and mapping for each client, implementing personalized, exclusive fan development strategies.  A self-described “collaboration guru,” Katie enjoys the networking capabilities of social media and using her digital networking abilities to serve clients. 

Julie Parra has been hired to serve as Sales & Marketing Administrator.  With a background in aerospace, retail and financial services account management, Julie has a passion for partnering with clients to ensure that their story is being told effectively and their message is being shared efficiently with desired target audiences.  Working directly with clients throughout their campaigns allows Julie to cultivate relationships along with results. Julie was attracted to working with FrontGate because of the company’s expertise and client projects, sharing her personal values to reach and support others in their Christian journey.

FrontGate Media has been an leader in faith-based marketing since its founding in 2001 as one of the very first Christian web networks, moved to impact culture by creatively connecting companies with the Christian audience segments they desire to influence. With natural expansion into the strategy of audience delivery, the company delivers rare in-house team integration of experience and expertise across the 3 core areas of marketing: advertising, public relations and social media, which has become social marketing. In the social realm specifically, FrontGate was the first Christian company to move into social media, initially offering a faith-based, social web site as part of its web network, which quickly evolved into crafting social media strategy and execution to build audience and results directly for clients’ brands.   

“I started working with FrontGate and immediately our numbers started going through the roof. Not only does FrontGate deliver results, they’re a pleasure to work with. They truly care about the work you’re doing, and they work hard to help you reach your goals and have a successful campaign.”– Jamie Stahler, National Day of Prayer Task Force.

“FrontGate Media gave me a media plan that allowed me to directly reach my target audience… more than 2 million people through their media family.” – Lindsay Dye, Carat  

“FrontGate’s email subscribers are highly engaged. We have seen great results from our email marketing campaigns; far beyond the other ad networks we worked with on this same campaign.”– Shane Wagner, The Seed Company.

“I have worked with FrontGate Media for many years to advertise and promote the various products published at Tyndale House. I appreciate that they are always willing to work with us in developing the best campaign possible within our budget. FrontGate has proven to be and will continue to be a valuable resource for Tyndale House Publishers.” – Debbie Johnson, Tyndale House.

Award-winning FrontGate ( is the largest Internet and Events group, and marketing service reaching the faith and family values audience.  Serving as “Your Gateway To The Christian Audience,” FrontGate’s Web Network provides reach to more than 10 million people and 5 million email subscribers. The Event Network reaches hundreds of thousands of attendees each year. The firm also provides Faith-based market Strategy Development, Media Buying, Public Relations, and Social Media Marketing. Founded in 2001, FrontGate received the Best Marketing Website and Best Faith-based Website Awards in the 2014 Internet Advertising Competition, and Standard of Excellence Awards in the Marketing and Faith-based categories in the 2014 WebAwards.  The company plays a key role in the success of for-profit and non-profit organizations seeking the faith-based and family friendly audiences.  

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