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In the March issue:

  • How to Create a Digital Download for a Lead Magnet
  • Case Study: Christian Moms Blog and Social Posts Package for Christian Community Credit Union
  • Featured Opportunity: FrontGate Media’s 3-Part Video Series Package
  • Featured Video: Viral YouTube Short from Brooke Hazen
  • Featured Creative: Email Design for John Michael Talbot
  • Top 12 Social Posts from February

How to create a lead magnet

Greetings Marketer!

A simple yet powerful lead magnet is a digital download — a PDF resource packed with helpful information for your target audience.

Click below to learn the steps to create an effective digital download that resonates with your audience and prompts them to engage further with your brand.

How to Create a Digital Download Lead Magnet that Converts »


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CCCU Christian marketing case studyCase Study: Christian Moms Blog & Social Posts for CCCU

FrontGate Media was hired to promote Christian Community Credit Union through various marketing tactics, including campaigns leveraging the Christian Moms Blog and our Social Posts Package.

We used multiple strategies, including native content, direct email, social ads, and a giveaway campaign –

Click below to learn how all these efforts worked together to generate interest and action for CCCU.

Read the Case Study »


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FrontGate Media's Christian Video Series PackageFeatured Opportunity: 3-Part Video Series

Introducing FrontGate Media’s 3-Part Video Series Package — a powerful tool designed to catapult your Christian business or ministry into the spotlight.

This package offers professionally crafted videos that condense your brand’s key details into engaging segments for online, social media, and in-person use.

See the Package Details and Examples  »


Viral YouTube Short for Brooke Hazen

Featured Video: Viral YouTube Short from Brooke Hazen

FrontGate Moving Pictures’ 6-time Emmy Award-winner Steph Carse has taken erectile dysfunction expert and author Brooke Hazen from 0 to 38,000 YouTube subscribers.

His latest YouTube Short gained 500,000 views in less than 2 weeks and currently has over 700,000 views! 

Learn More + Watch the Video  »


Email designFeatured Creative: Email Design for John Michael Talbot

FrontGate Media created an engaging email design for John Michael Talbot Ministries, home to the renowned American singer-songwriter, guitarist, author, television presenter, and speaker.

Most recently, he released an autobiography and EP, highlighted in the email we designed!

See the Email Design  »



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Top 12 Posts from Last Month!

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