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Not only are we the exclusive faith-based market representation for The Washington Times, one of the Top 20 newspaper web sites in the country, but also for Human Events, Red State and other conservative media outlets.


Our conservative, Christian audiences via these outlets represent outstanding opportunity for you to connect to high net worth, passionately active consumers who are interested in faith-based and faith-friendly causes, products, and services.


For our Offer of the Week, we are offering publishers a special opportunity to reach engaged Christians and conservatives interested in the newest books to hit shelves and tablets.  For options beyond the specials below, see the Washington Times media kit. reaches 5 million unique visitors and provides 16 million page views!

Survey says…%Index
Read a Book {last 30 days)69118
Visited a library (last 30 days)38124
Books (provide frequent advice)18119
Books – Heavy Spending (pjonline – last 8 mo.)16285
Purchased Books (last 6 mo.)53127
Purchased Books online (last 6 mo.)8167
Purchased Books on Tape online (last 6 mo.)11258
Purchased E-Books online (last 6 mo.)6188


Three options available. View below or download the PDF.


Showcase Email

Showcase Email

 Showcase Email    ONLY  $1,000

500,000 total impressions

• 100,000 banner impressions
• 2 newsletter dates









Sponsored Newsletter

Sponsored Newsletter


Sponsored Newsletter    ONLY $1,500

775,000 total impressions

• 125,000 impressions
• 3 newsletter dates
• 50,000 dedicated emails








Online Books Section

Online Books Section


Online Banner – Book Section    ONLY $2,000

1,250,000 total impressions + 100% SOV

• 150,000 impressions
• 100% SOV in books section
• 100,000 dedicated emails
• 5 newsletter dates







This offer will run beyond our normal one week, at least through ICRS.   For more of our opportunities through The Washington Times, see the media kit.


About FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week

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