FrontGate Media’s Offer of the Week is our Social Media Service.

We are expanding our Social Media team again, so we immediately have more capacity available, which means YOU GET A BONUS if you get involved now.

Let us take over your social media strategy and execution.  We’ll create success for you as we grow your friend and follower base with real people, AND improve your engagement with our proven social media strategies.

You end up being more successful while reclaiming valuable time to add back into your schedule to be used for other pressing needs.

Plus, because it’s this week’s OOTW, you’ll save too!   We’ll give your the FIRST MONTH FREE!

This offer is good for the next two (2) new social media clients to sign on with us. We’ll add on one additional free month to the front of your program!

Let’s face it, Social Networking is very time consuming, and really… you have to be in the communities, not just on them. You have to participate with your friends/followers AND in the various groups throughout Facebook and LinkedIn AND hashtags on Twitter.  And then there’s video content, big or small, that you’ve got to draw attention to within YouTube and Godtube.  Posting a few times per day is just not enough.

Social Media takes the kind of time and manpower that very few marketing departments or DIY artists and authors have available to dedicate to the process.

FrontGate Media has been a LEADER in social media SINCE 2007, back when it all started.

We take care of everything from creating profiles and making friends to creating every form of content and social media interaction possible.  What we do is all based on your needs and goals.

See what we’ve done recently for Lifeway author and Saddleback Church pastor Kenny Luck.  See also a major company launch for the site yellow pages site CitySpur.

Social Media Case Studies:

“FrontGate Media is a key strategic partner for us. They understand where our ministry is right now AND where we are going. Their team gets us. They are helping us to complete our calling through an integrated strategy across social media, public relations and advertising. I value having their mindshare.” Kenny Luck: Men’s Expert, Pastor & Author, Every Man Ministries/Saddleback Church

“FrontGate helped us reach and super-serve the teen target demo and bring them to the series and the channel. ’Revolve: Rockin’ The Road’ attracted a significant audience among teen girls, the primary target demographic for the series. Those viewers were able to enjoy the show while we were able to promote our other programming.” – Wendy McCoy, Vice President of Marketing, Gospel Music Channel

We can even take it one step further by fully integrating your social media into your online and event promotions through our media group, or right alongside our other Audience Delivery Services including Public Relations and Pay Per Click advertising.


Contact us today for your FREE Social Media consultation and then get your first month free if you are one of the next 3 to sign on.  Click Here to connect with one of our Audience Delivery Specialists.



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