Cornerstone Festival has been the church’s most diverse celebration of Christians in art and culture.

Last week’s announcement that 2012 will be the final Cornerstone event has generated an outpouring of Cstone love from the artists who’ve played the fest over its 29 year history, and from fans who’ve been attending since they were teens, now attending with their own families.   I took my 15 year old son for the first time last year.

If I recall correctly, I first went to Cornerstone back in the 1990’s when I was working for Frontline Records.  The label didn’t take me. It was my vacation from work!

I stood outside of the REX Records tent talking to Leigh Nash’s Dad. Sixpence None the Richer was virtually unknown. Leigh was 17 I think. Her Dad was along to make sure he understood what this weird Christian festival thing was.   My recollection is that this was their first Cornerstone.

I also remember getting to see one of my favorite bands of all time, the industrial praise & worship band Mortal featuring Jyro and Jerome, who later formed Fold Zandura.  Jerome is a core member of Switchfoot these days.  Tooth & Nail was just a gleam in Brandon Ebel’s eyes at the time.  Intense Records was the big hard music label of the day.  Somewhere I have a picture of me pointing at the Mortal logo shaved into the back of some guy’s head.

I trudged across the fest grounds making the long walk between mainstage and the rest of the stages and tents.  It was one awesome band after another; a collection of artists I couldn’t see anywhere else on the planet, plus the art, plus the talkback sessions… It was great “church.”  I had to throw out the boots I wore that week. I never was able to get all the mud off of them. Lemon shakeups never tasted so sweet.

This year’s event promises to be a unique celebration and send-0ff. It will be a time of joy and a time of mourning for many.

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As for me, I’m not particularly excited about a future world without Cornerstone, but there is a time for everything… Ecclesiastes 3.


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