Conversant is a premiere content and social media hub providing a combination of culturally relevant blogs, professional video content and podcasts, as well as news on faith and cultural topics submitted by their  member community.

What I LOVE about ConversantLife is that they have built a base of 20,000 unique monthly visitors which we can deliver to you as an Official Expert Blogger.

Instead of starting a blog with zero audience, ConversantLife let’s you start with a pool of 20,000 regular visitors OR let’s you add 20,000 more visitors AND great SEO content and links  to your existing audience. Plus, you can add your ConversantLife status to your bio, press kit, or speaking resume as an expert blogger on this national web site.

As an Official Expert Blogger, you receive the full suite of services (listed below) enabling you to create a relationship with users through blogs, podcasts, and video content, as well as through additional promotions on the site and in our newsletters.

This is great for your personal blog, an additional tour blog outlet, your book excerpts, devotional journals and more.  Let ConversantLife deliver an immediate audience to you.

You receive all of the following:

Micro Site: Your micro site allows you to upload all formats of digital media from blogs to audio files to video. In addition, micro sites provide you with an image gallery, a resource center for your product sales, and an area to post external marketing links as hyper links to other relevant sites.

Blogs: Write unlimited blogs to reach the 18-34 year old audience. Blogs are placed on your micro site under one of’s searchable categories and sub-categories. New blogs are featured on the homepage AND in’s weekly eNewsletter.

Audio Files: Upload your music and podcasts, whether archived or new. Podcast content can include anything… personal interviews, public appearances, any kind of reviews (book, music, event, anything), and more .

Videos: You can upload video files up to 100 MB. This is a great tool to promote your content, products or services by adding archive video files or new videos. can also assist in the creation of promotional video content.

Site Promotion:

• Featured blogger spot on homepage (25,000 views per month)
• 300×250 banner ad (25,000 views per month)
• Newsletter Exposure: Leaderboard banner slot to subscribers

The Expert Blogger Promotion is regularly…

$500/month for 3 months
$400/month for 6 months
$300/month for 12 months

As our Offer of the Week, you can take $100/month off  any of those prices!


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