HollywoodJesus.com is a rare find.  HJ covers all of entertainment from a Christian worldview.  They look at the entire spectrum of entertainment including books, music, video games, sports, comics, movies and more, all through a Christian worldview lens.


The editorial direction of the site starts is focused on creating discussion around spiritual themes in entertainment.

They treat the Christian individual holisticly as one person with interest in entertainment overall rather than only the Christian subculture of entertainment.

That’s not to say that they ignore Christian entertainment. They don’t. They embrace it! They do so in the context of all entertainment.

Because of this focus, the Christian entertainment fans who use Hollywood Jesus as their core community are VERY ENGAGED CONSUMERS across a broad spectrum of areas.

They want quality in content and in faith-based themes and products.  The perfect product for them is the best in both entertainment and Christianity. They are consumers of the Christian themed product tied into their overall passion for entertainment as a whole.

THIS WEEK ONLY, as FrontGate Media’s Christian media offer of the week, you can get HJ’s Entertainment package for the 12x rate of only $575 (regularly $725.)

This can be used for ANY form of entertainment product or service. With this package, you can rest assured that your project will definitely be seen by the core HollywoodJesus.com users.

ENTERTAINMENT Package – Only one per week!
Impressions: 160,000+ views

Feature includes:

• Interview with author, artist, filmmaker, etc
• Article/Interview featured in weekly email newsletter — 14,000 subscribers
• Featured web ad placements, above the fold (300×250 and 728×90) – 150,000 views
• Article/Interview featured on home page in ‘Selected Reviews and Previews’ Section for one to two days
• Article/Interview featured in ‘What’s Hot’ Sections throughout the site for the week
• Article/Interview featured on home page in ‘HJ Spotlight’ for one or more days

Regular Pricing:
1x $725
6x $650/each
12x $575/each

** THIS WEEK ONLY you get the $575 pricing for any 1 or more bookings.

Click to the HJ Media Kit for demographics and more.

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