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May brings us Memorial Day,  and to honor those who served so faithfully, we are focusing in on our faith-active, politically conservative Human Events audience for the FrontGate Media Offer of the Month.

Through our Human Events site, we will send your direct email ad:


  • Send a Dedicated Direct Email between May 20 – 27, 2013
  • SAVE over 40% off the regular price (normally $17 CPM)
  • Minimum of 200,000 names for $2,000
  • Total list of 678,090 subscribers is $6,780
  • That’s only 1 cent per name – a tremendous Offer of the Month!

The direct email database is perfect for your patriotic, conservative or political themed cause, service or product.

Human Events, America’s first national conservative weekly, has been the voice of the Right since 1944.  Let us deliver your message in a straight forward, competition-free environment via our direct email blast.

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FrontGate Media is unique in the Christian community for its large reach to politically conservative supporters and activists because our media outlets speak their language every day. As exclusive partners with The Washington Times, Human Events, National Review, and Conservative Book Club, along with American Family Association and more, our media group features brand-leaders in the growing community of politically and culturally concerned citizens.

Human Events has received the highest of praise from the Conservative world including…

“Human Events has been spreading the revolutionary news of our crusade for as long as I can remember. I’ve been reading it for over 33 years, and I know it was influencing conservative thought long before I came along.” — Ronald Reagan

“[Human Events] does 2 things really well. I think that they expose the corruption and the reality, the truth, of what’s going on in Washington, but they also provide the intellectual ballast for people like myself so that we can make the cogent arguments that we need to make in order to put forward our positive alternative agenda.” — Michele Bachmann

‘[Human Events] IS the conservative movement. When the other alleged conservative publications and spokesmen were going soft, Human Events has never gone soft.” — Ann Coulter



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