FrontGate Media Launches The FrontGate Blogger Network

New program combines blog reviews with lead capture
to deliver impressions AND people to clients.

Orange County, CA – After beta testing this hybrid concept, FrontGate Media, the leading faith-based marketing service and media group, announced today the launch of the FrontGate Blogger Network.

Responding to the requests and needs of FrontGate clients seeking to reach the Christian audience, The FrontGate Blogger Network is made up of 80 hand-picked Christian women bloggers who write reviews, promote through social media, and create giveaway opportunities through their individual communities.  On a typical campaign, 20-35 bloggers commit to review the products, yielding approximately 500,000 impressions per campaign.  Beta testing was conducted with FrontGate clients including the Dove Channel, a family friendly streaming channel; Owlegories, a Gospel-centered animated series and app for kids, and Anchored Press, creators of Christian planners and journals that keep you focused on God as you organize your day.

While most blogger networks generate reviews and stories, FrontGate has improved the concept by also offering sign-ups for the readers to receive additional information about the client offerings.

“Everyone at FrontGate was a joy to work with!  They were very helpful in connecting us with bloggers that fit with our target market and streamlined the process of spreading the word about our project.  Their metrics were clear and helpful, and the communication was timely and organized.  We highly recommend FrontGate to any business that would like to extend their reach to the blogging community,” states Thomas Boto of Owlegories.

Deanna Uhrig of Anchored Press shared, “It was such a blessing to have so many new emails for my newsletter and to have product reviews I could share with potential customers.  FrontGate was great to work with!”

Scott A. Shuford, Founder/CEO of FrontGate Media states, “Our client base has been looking for a way to reach Christian women, and we believe that peer to peer marketing is often the best option. By adding the FrontGate Blogger Network to our offerings, clients are able to reach these influencers, and our team of bloggers are able to help share exciting new products with their audience and connecting people to our clients.”

About FrontGate Media
Award-winning FrontGate Media ( is the largest Marketing Service and Web & Events Group reaching the faith and family values audience.  Celebrating their 15 year milestone, the firm serves as “Your Gateway to the Christian Audience.” FrontGate has been trusted with over 5,000 campaigns, providing Faith-based market Strategy Development, Public Relations, Media Buying, and Social Media & Marketing. FrontGate’s own Web & Events Network also provides reach to more than 10 million people and 17 million email subscribers. Founded in 2001, FrontGate has repeatedly been honored in the Internet Advertising Competition and the WebAwards. The company plays a key role in the success of for-profit and non-profit organizations seeking the faith-based and family-friendly audiences.