Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 2.18.09 PMIf you subscribe to our FrontGate Media newsletter, you were alerted to the recent opportunity to be featured in  the Power of Prayer special section in The Washington Times, part of our exclusive faith-based Web & Event Network.

Special sections like these are prepared by the Washington Times Advocacy Department to feature inspirational advertisements and articles relating to Christian topics like prayer, the Bible, and more.

Special Sections offer an extensive audience of political leaders and action-oriented news readers to those who are featured in the publication, both in the daily newspaper and digitally through the website.  Advertising and advertorial spots are welcome.

The Washington Times has impressive reach stats: Over 56+ million monthly page views, nearly 14 million unique monthly visitors, and 119k+ daily print readership, with millions of email subscribers ready to receive your direct response email or advertisement. 

To view the most recent Power of Prayer section, please click here

A few key articles from this most recent offering included a story from children’s author Erin Weidemann, creator of Bible Belles, as well as a moving piece from Luke Zamperini (son of the late Louis Zamperini), coupled with many others inspirational reads.

The reactions from readers were extremely positive, including the one below:

“Many thanks for your help with this wonderful section … I was at a child welfare event in New Jersey earlier this week and showed someone a printout of our section — and two mothers who saw it over our shoulders asked me to mail them copies, as they had an urgent need for it (one had a son who is a pastor, and another was experiencing severe health crises in her family’s life.) So, I believe that at least one of the voices in this section will speak to them, and many others … Thank you again!” -Cheryl

If you’re interested in faith-based opportunities with The Washington Times, please contact Mike Hatcher at 949-528-3400 or via our website

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