FrontGate Media has been actively marketing in the social media space since 2007, back frontgate-smewhen Facebook and Twitter were both still new.  We have proven strategies and social marketing plans that are up to date with the ever-changing world of social media.

As Facebook continues to push the social media world into becoming the social marketing world, you know that you need a partner who understands how to reach the Faith-based audience on various social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and others potential outlets.

Social Media is about engagement not merely information: driving your target audience to create likes and comments, and motivating them to action.  We not only understand this, we embrace it!  All of our plans include an onboarding process that is specific to your organization’s needs.  Whether it’s brand awareness, recruiting volunteers, or selling a product or service, we will develop a custom strategy specific to accomplishing your goals.

We begin with a process of analysis and visual planning for your social media engagement plan. The purpose of this is to decrease the “bounce” rate on your page.  Bouncing means people click on your page and quickly click off because they don’t find what they need or want.  We design and format your page in such a way that it encourages interaction.

  • Page Analysis – We look at it all:  description, web links, photo albums, banner photo, all the visuals then we look at how it can be more aligned with your brand and objectives.
  • Reformat Page Setup for Optimal Branding and Visitor Engagement – This sets you up so that your page looks engaging and represents you well so that those who come to your page will “like” your page and interact with your posts.


Now that we have the right social platforms in place with optimized pages for people to come to, we move into our Engagement Strategy designed just for you. This portion of the process lays out clear objectives and sets your brand apart from others in the space.

  • Setting Goals – We know how to use social media platforms to create sales, recruit volunteers, promote your brand, and more! We will create a strategy that meets your specific goals.
  • Develop the “Voice for Your Brand” – This is a two part process. First, we determine catch phrases and terms used specifically by your organization and audience.  Second is determining a plan of what to consistently talk about on your page so that visitors come back for content.
  • Develop Your Brand into a Personality – Your page is about a relationship. While your website “talks to” your audience, your Facebook page “talks with” your audience. Social Media allows people to be a part of your brand. It allows them to engage with you which leads to their personal ownership of your brand. We help develop the trust and connection to your brand that leads to deeper relationship and engagement.  Ultimately this leads to people interacting on your page, buying into you and what you are selling, and then promoting you to their friends and contacts.


It is now time to execute your custom engagement plan.  This encompasses ways to grow your following and engage your target audience in alignment with reaching your goals.

  • Content Creation that encompasses your branding, relationship, and key goals.
  • Call People to Action with creative posts aligned to your target audience and goals, measuring and refining based on real time results.
  • Create Visuals to Stand Out with custom graphics (memes) we create from images and photos supplied by the client. Need help with images, just ask. We can research and suggest images for a nominal service fee.
  • Scheduling and Testing posts for times that will get the most views.
  • Growing Your Audience utilizing our tested strategies that have been fruitful in increasing page likes and views.
  • Monthly Reporting will equip you to see how your page(s) are performing.


Social Marketing Packages
In order to help you reach your goals, our plans feature a three month strategy and require a minimum three month commitment, then continue monthly with 30 day notice required to end services.  Payment is due in advance and we request a credit card to have on file.

 Strategy, Engagement, Content Creation and Analysis    $2,500/mo

We execute a combined strategy of page management and posting designed to create engagement and growth as outlined above.  This package focuses on Facebook and Twitter accounts but can also encompass Google+ and LinkedIn if applicable.

  • Daily engaging and responding to Facebook and Twitter audiences
  • Content creation including custom graphics (memes)social_media_buttons
  • Scheduling posts for optimal views (7/week per platform)
  • Networking on your behalf to increase Fan Count and Engagement
  • Target audience building ads and post boosts
  • Email list building tactics
  • Using Facebook apps that will help achieve client goals (sales, recruits, fundraising, etc.)
  • Promotional posts on FrontGate owned pages (combined audience of over 160,000 people)
  • Monthly reporting to measure, track and optimize

Grow Faster, Engage More                                                   add $1,000/mo

This package includes everything in the package above but also builds on your need for more rapid growth and a wider reaching exposure. Additional growth options can include…

  • Partnership Networking on your behalf to create social partnerships for shares and trades.
  • Facebook Groups Strategy – setting up your FB group or groups and participating in relevant, active, and appropriate groups.
  • Content creation and scheduling for additional posts throughout the week.
  • Paid Posts placed on leading Facebook pages with similar target audiences.
  • Increased Facebook/Twitter advertising for faster audience growth.

pinterestAdditional Social Media Platforms                                      $500/mo per platform

Pinterest?  Instagram?  Other?  If you would like to add other Social Media platforms to expand your reach, we can add them to your plan.  Just ask us about discuss additional social platforms and if they will fit well with your organization.  You may also have the option to add an advertising budget for that platform.


Specialized Services

Text-1     Strategy-Only Package                                    $5,000 one time

If you are blessed to have a passionate volunteer or designated employee to manage your social media, but need help in creating an effective strategy plan that you and your team can implement for Social Marketing, we are happy to help!  We will create a comprehensive, easy to implement, short or long term Social Marketing Strategy personalized to meet your goals and deliver it for your team to execute.


BOOST:  Aggressive Growth Social Marketing Package                 $500-$5,000

This service is offered for the more aggressive or established client.  We will manage a monthly allocated budget to reach an even larger audience by executing a Social Advertising plan.

This is different from more traditional website ad placements.  These ads will appear in Facebook and Twitter feeds served targeted to your desired audience.  1

Services can include any of the following:

  1. Partner posts to add to exposure via key Christian social outlets in the FrontGate Web Network.
  2. A targeted Facebook Ad Campaign to drive people to your site, newsletter, or Facebook back, or take advantage of specials, downloads or other offers.
  3. An aggressive post boosting campaign designed to increase engagement.


Ready to use social media to reach your goals? Let’s start your Social Marketing Plan!

Please contact Mike Hatcher at 949-528-3400 or use our web site