FrontGate Fundraising Crowdfunding Service

Typical Crowdfunding Page

  • Uninspiring and boring design
  • Does not connect community of donors
  • No social proof
  • No urgency
  • 2.79% conversion rate

FrontGate Fundraising Crowdfunding Service

Our Crowdfunding Page

  • Inspiring design
  • Donor wall to show previous donors
  • Goals, counters, & other social cues
  • Timeline to capture time sensitivity
  • It works!
  • Increased to 3.56% conversion rate

FrontGate Fundraising Crowdfunding Service


We tested crowdfunding theories in real time to create success, generating a 27.6% conversion rate increase. Now, we can replicate that success for you through our crowdfunding service.

How We Achieve Exceptional Crowdfunding Conversion Rates

We build the page & run the tech.

  1. FrontGate manages the crowdfunding strategy, page, technology, and integrations for FREE!*
  2. Consulting and flexibility on the customization of the landing page are also FREE! You choose the URL name and color scheme not just loaded in a template. It’s not just a drag-and-drop-your-logo design.
  3. We receive donor tips through the default option on the page (similar to donors opting to pay the credit card processing fee.) 
  4. Client needs only to promote to your crowd (current donor base) through your regular communications (email, social, mail) for at least 30 days. 
  5. Optional Fundraising Magnifiers: (development fees apply, ask for a quote)
    • Campaign Explainer Video or updates with CTAs to increase connection with donors.   
    • Deepen engagement with your Facebook followers thru our Street Team Development.
    • Digital media buy to expand donor audience (Influencer, Social, Email, Display, Radio, etc.).

* Free usage of our service with no setup fee on first campaign for clients seeking $1MM+ in projected funding donations or pledges per campaign. Flat fee of 5% or $10K otherwise. Client organization should be currently raising more than 1MM online annually and desire to increase by 20% or more.  If that’s not you yet, let’s chat about options.  

Want to Learn More About our Crowdfunding Service & Success?

Read our white paper on Crowdfunding & Behavioral Psychology created from our crowdfunding research.

Watch an example of our Crowdfunding Video for the upcoming campaign for Cross Current’s Conservative & Christian book site:

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