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We know that the pressure is on to find effective and affordable ways to get your product in front of Christmas shoppers and beyond into 2017.

With that in mind, we invite you to review our FrontGate Blogger Network: See and Save the current media kit now.

FrontGate Blogger Network ClientsFrontGate will manage a campaign to promote your product to our blogger network that will provide valuable reviewssocial impressions, and improve your SEO, just as we have for the folks in the picture.

ADDED VALUE: through our blogger giveaway program, we will collect the emails of people who are interested in your product and provide those emails to you, creating email leads for you.

The FrontGate Blogger Network program includes the following:

  • We send your product review opportunity to our network of 80 hand-picked bloggers.  These bloggers were selected based on their audience size and engagement rates.  This took us extra time but it was worth it because it means that their endorsement will yield YOU results.
  • All bloggers are Christian women catering to a faith-based audience.
  • Typically, 20-35 bloggers will commit to review your product.
  • Bloggers are required to:
    • Write a review on their blog..
    • Post about the review on all their social pages.
    • Post about our giveaway on all of their social pages.
  • We set up a landing page for the giveaway to collect email addresses.
  • All bloggers will send their followers to the giveaway landing page to enter.
    • Giveaway suggestion: supply 5 items and have 5 winners

Our Final Report includes total blog posts, total social posts, reach impressions, and your list of email leads!

Campaigns take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete.   Average campaigns yield approximately 500,000 impressions, 150-250 email leads, and improves your product SEO.

FrontGate Blogger NetworkINTRODUCTORY PRICE
$1,500 program cost. Client to provide product for review based on blogger participation, giveaway
program prizes, and reimbursement of shipping costs.

If you have questions or want to book your campaign to generate valuable reviews, social impressions, and improve your SEO, please contact:

Katie Nguyen
Social Marketing Strategist

If you need help in any area of marketing, please reach out to us.  We are here for one purpose: to serve you by connecting you to the Christian audiences you desire to reach, and to do so in creative (and most importantly) effective ways.

Scott A. ShufordLet’s create engagement together!

Celebrating 15 Years,

Scott A. Shuford
Chief Engagement Officer

FrontGate Media