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From His Own Physical and Spiritual Covid-19 Battle to Hope-Filled Ministry; Kevin Wallace Says God Can Turn Any Season into a Time of Blessing and Breakthrough ‘After This’

Lake Mary, FL – Pastor Kevin Wallace knows what seasonal storms look like. Whether launching an international ministry, founding an organization that helps care for sex trafficking victims, or leading a church family through one of this generation’s most difficult seasons– the Covid-19 pandemic – he has seen how easy it is for things around us to shake and break. But in his newest book, After This: God Can Turn Any Season Into a Time of Blessing (ISBN-13: 978-1-63641-076-0, Charisma House), the lead pastor of Redemption to the Nations Church and founder of Ruach Global Network shares spiritual insights illustrated by his own story and offers Christians an encouraging compass pointing to the coming blessing and breakthrough after difficult seasons in life.

Through his work planting a church campus in Uruguay, developing programs to care for trafficking victims in Guatemala, Romania, and Chattanooga through The Zion Project, pastoring Redemption to the Nations, and even his own 21-day physical and spiritual battle with Covid-19, Wallace has personally seen the difficult seasons that people around the world find themselves experiencing. “All of us can testify that at some point in our journeys we have wrestled with a chapter, a season, a this that we had to fight our way through,” he writes. “Nobody gets a free pass that exempts us from this. You either have faced or you will face this eventually.”

After This is Wallace’s call for believers to embrace all of life’s seasons and realize that God can use them no matter what they are facing. He firmly believes that for each person there is a season of breakthrough coming. He writes, “We are about to find the sweet spot in our journey with Jesus. It does not matter how many times you missed it… this place you are in is not permanent. There is an “after this.”

Wallace shares actionable changes in thinking that readers can use to navigate the seasons ahead with newfound vision, including:

  • Trust The Scattering: no matter what hand life deals, the sovereign hand of God is at work, scattering the gospel seed so the kingdom of God can grow
  • Keep Your Vision: maintain vision so you can step into seasons of strength and blessing
  • Maintain a Revelation of The Greatness of God: don’t lose awareness of God’s greatness while navigating the trials and vicissitudes of life
  • Advance In Adversity: don’t let difficulty dictate your divine task or its timing, adversity begins to evaporate when the enemy discovers a tenacious perseverance

Wallace goes on to state his main goal for the book. “I sense an assignment to remind you that you may have forgotten that God is good,” he writes. “Remember what Paul said in Galatians 6:9 ‘And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.’”

Kevin Wallace asserts that after the misery, after the mess, after the divorce, after the breakup, after the bankruptcy, after the failure, after sickness, there is an “after this” coming that will change everything for those who belong to God. “I am confident in telling you that you have not yet experienced the greatest season of your life. I know it is a bold statement, but I believe it—and not as some pie-in-the-sky, wishful thought. This belief is firmly rooted in the truth of God’s Word and the identity of God Himself. Your best season is ahead.”

For additional information, including a free sample chapter of After This, visit Charisma House.

After This is released by Charisma House, which publishes books that challenge, encourage, teach, and equip Christians.

Kevin Wallace is the lead pastor of Redemption to the Nations Church and founder of Ruach Global Network. Together with his wife Deven, the Wallaces have committed their lives to impacting Chattanooga, TN, with a message of love and redemption while raising up sons and daughters equipped with the power of God to change nations. Kevin and Deven are graduates of Lee University in Cleveland, TN, and travel the world with a gospel message of hope and healing, maintaining that their greatest honor is enjoying time with their children: Jeremiah, Isaiah, Zion, Judah, and Genesis.

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