imagesIf you’re on a tight budget, marketing can seem daunting. It can feel expensive, overwhelming, and even discouraging. Here are some tips for independent faith-based authors and artists, or small businesses and non-profits to keep you fiscally responsible and effective:

-Utilize social media! Although this seems like an obvious solution, it is actually a great way for small businesses and brands to advertise with a limited budget. Facebook has become a paid advertisement arena, but in the grand scheme of things, their prices are relatively low so if you are trying to find good, low-cost solutions, Facebook is a match. Perhaps try paying for a few ads and looking at what works best, and tailoring your efforts accordingly. Research done in 2014 shows that faith-based brands do 3% better on Facebook versus Twitter and Instagram (IDM Digital Marketing Council, 2014).  Not sure where to start? FrontGate can manage your social media ad campaign.

-Look at what works best: While we are on the topic of what works, use your Google Analytics to determine what your audience is engaged with, so you can change your targeting efforts to what your audience wants and needs. You can read more about the 80/20 rule here.  It makes good sense, particularly with a small budget. By targeting the customers who are bringing in the majority of revenue, you are being responsible with both your time and money! Why waste time and resources trying to please every customer, when you can better direct and use your limited resources.

-Consistency in every area: Remember that even if you use “free” advertising, such as Instagram, equal effort must be put into it to ensure your brand is constant across platforms. Especially if you rely primarily on social media platforms for exposure and marketing, you will need to put extra effort into each account to make sure they all “match” and express your brand and faith values, whether it’s a paid advertisement or not. Cross-channel marketing is also a wise way to spend your time. If you don’t see customers in Instagram converting, then consider using the same message on another platform to achieve better results.

-When you do pay for marketing, use the best there is: Did you know FrontGate is the largest web & events group and marketing service in the Faith-based market? The reason for that is simple; we deliver the faith-based audience better than anyone else because we have the largest group of market-leading sites and events at our immediate disposal, all of which can be used to benefit you! We are the only media group that was founded for the purpose of marketing rather than to publish content. We exist for one reason: to drive the people you want to the place you want them to go.   That’s a great reason to invest your money where you will actually see results. If you’re ready to see how we can stretch your limited budget and achieve real results, tell us more about your project via our web site.