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Four Baker Publishing Group Titles
Win Christian Retailing’s Best Awards

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Ada, Mich. (June 29, 2016)—Winners of Christian Retailing’s Best Awards were announced Monday morning, June 27, at the International Christian Retail Show in Cincinnati, Ohio. Four Baker Publishing Group titles received awards. The Power That Changes the Worldby Bill Johnson won in the Charismatic category. Taken by Dee Henderson won in the Fiction: Contemporary category; and The Painter’s Daughter by Julie Klassen won in the Fiction: Historical category. The winner of the First-Time Author category was Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason. These awards are acknowledged as a significant way of recognizing some of the most important and life-changing new products in the Christian retail industry. For the complete list of winners, please visit winners.html.

The Power That Changes the World by Bill Johnson
(Chosen Books; ISBN 9780800796860; ebook ISBN 9781441229229; $15.99)
With biblical insight and extensive experience of seeing God’s hand at work, Bill Johnson offers keys to how believers can have the greatest impact on society. When the church understands the long-term strategy of God’s wisdom and the immediacy of his miracle-working power, she can create eternal impact and significance in the here and now, whether in her own communities or in the farthest reaches of the world.

Taken by Dee Henderson
(Bethany House; ISBN 9780764215711; ebook ISBN 9781441266125; $15.99)
Abducted at the age of sixteen and coerced into assisting the Jacoby crime family, Shannon Bliss finally found a way to escape by faking her own death. She wants to move on with her life, but first, she wants justice. To get it, she’ll have to tell private investigator Matthew Dane what happened to her, exposing secrets that could put her and her family back in harm’s way. Because if her captors find out she’s still alive, they’ll stop at nothing to silence her forever.

The Painter’s Daughter by Julie Klassen
(Bethany House; ISBN 9780764210723; ebook ISBN 9781441228802; $14.99)
Sophie Dupont never felt beautiful until artist Wesley Overtree captured both her portrait and her heart. But when Wesley abruptly sails for Italy, he leaves her in dire straits. When Captain Stephen Overtree comes looking for his wayward brother, he is stunned to learn of Miss Dupont’s situation. Feeling bound by honor, Stephen proposes to Sophie. Desperate for an escape, Sophie finds herself torn between her first love and this brooding stranger.

Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason
(Bethany House; ISBN 9780764217241; ebook ISBN 9781441228567; $14.99)
At Irish Meadows horse farm, two sisters struggle to reconcile their dreams with their father’s demanding marriage expectations. Brianna dreams of attending college, but Colleen is happy to marry—as long as the man meets her standards. When former stable hand Gilbert Whelan and distant relative Rylan Montgomery visit, the two men complicate everyone’s plans. As the farm slips closer to ruin, it will take every ounce of courage for both sisters to follow their hearts.

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