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Focus on the Family to release new parenting book, “Gist”

Gist: The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids is a fresh look at parenting that is effective, efficient, and enjoyable

Carol Stream, Ill. (August 13, 2019) Focus on the Family, in alliance with Tyndale House Publishers, will release Gist on October 8, 2019. Michael W. Anderson, a licensed psychologist, and Timothy D. Johanson, a pediatrician and medical professor, combine their knowledge of childhood development and experience of parenting gone wrong in this no-nonsense guide to preparing kids for life. Previously self-published, Gisthas been updated to meet the specific needs of today’s parents.

Anderson and Johanson are already trusted by countless parents in their roles as parenting editors of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). Gist is unique in that it looks at many aspects of life that wouldn’t typically be associated with parenting. Its focus on life readiness offers parents a new lens through which to see their parenting interactions and translates to an approach that eliminates many of the power struggles and ineffective patterns that can rob families of much of their joy. Gist goes beyond surviving the day-to-day to address the broader journey to adulthood.

Julie Lythcott-Haims, former dean of students at Stanford University, said, “Gist is a potent dose of advice from a pediatrician and a child psychologist, both of whom have witnessed the unfortunate results that come when parents try to protect, prevent, and control at every turn instead of preparing their kids for life. Combining the expertise of their respective professions with very practical tips, this is a how-to manual for any parent who wants to prepare their kids to thrive as adults.”

Gist by Michael W. Anderson, L.P., and Timothy D. Johanson, M.D.
ISBN: 978-1-58997-586-6
Hardcover: $17.99
October 2019

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Focus on the Family, which reaches about 38 million people in 120 countries, is a global faith-based ministry that helps families thrive. Tyndale House Publishers is pleased to partner with Focus on the Family to help provide trusted resources for strengthening believers in their faith and sharing the gospel; building resilient marriages that reflect God’s design; equipping parents to raise their children with a thriving faith; advocating for the preborn, orphaned, and life at every stage; and engaging the culture through a biblical worldview. Visit Focus at or on Facebook and Twitter.