ECPA's Rush To PressFocus on the Family Embarks on Major Endeavor to Stand Up for Family

The Focus on the Family movie, Irreplaceable releases into theatres today and will be complemented by two soon-to-release books, The Family Project and The Family Project Devotional, releasing this summer.

The movie, book and devotional are all a part of  Focus on the Family’s Family Project™ Initiative.

Embarking on a major, multi-year initiative called The Family Project™, the Focus on the Family (FOTF) ministry is intent on helping Christians understand and communicate God’s plan for humanity through families—and how their part in that plan can positively impact society.

This new five million dollar initiative from the Focus on the Family ministry, which is now led by president Jim Daly, calls Christian families anew to live with purpose and an eternal perspective, modeling God’s redemptive design to those around them in order to influence the world for the better.  For over three decades, through radio broadcasts, websites, books, and more, Focus on the Family has been dedicated to helping families thrive.

Included in this initiative is a major documentary-style feature film, Irreplaceable, which is releasing in a one-night theatrical event tonight– May 6, 2014, a 12-part curriculum distributed by the ministry, and two trade releases with Tyndale House Publishing, The Family Project and The Family Project Devotional, available in July and August.

The Family Project book, releasing through the trade in August, is a companion resource to the curriculum series which will be distributed this summer through thousands of churches, small home groups, and other venues. This book also stands alone as a carefully researched treatise on the integral nature of the family to God’s plan for individuals and healthy societies. It offers scientific, biblical, and historical proof of the critical role of the family in the survival and success of every person, nation, and home—explaining why the family is an irreplaceable building block to society. It also contends that as God’s people are transformed by a better understanding of His plan for their families and all families, they’ll be better able to show His love for humanity.

The Family Project Devotional, releasing in July, helps both individuals and families put God’s plans into practice in their lives. Looking to the New Testament for instructions on how to treat others and build more loving relationships, this devotional contends that the best place to apply these is the home. Fifty-two devotional themes that can be easily related to home and family relationships include Scripture readings, activities, reflection questions, and a place to record daily thoughts.

More information on The Family Project and the film Irreplaceable can be found at The Family Project book and devotional are being released by Focus on the Family and Tyndale House Publishers .