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Firebrand unveils Eloquence On Alert, actionable market intelligence that offers unprecedented transparency into the retail marketplace

Contact Steve Rutberg, Director of Sales and Marketing, Firebrand Technologies

Newburyport, MA. January 4, 2017 — Firebrand Technologies, a pioneer in publishing technology services, today announced Eloquence on Alert™. By analyzing the marketplace carefully, Eloquence on Alert will highlight notable trends such as fluctuating product prices, product presentation, ranking and audience behavior, providing publishers the ability to observe all of their titles in the marketplace—a task not achievable manually. This new service will provide detail about key retail channels, allowing for specific and targeted action based on this market intelligence. By consolidating sales into an easy-to-use dashboard, Eloquence on Alert also provides publishers with the business intelligence necessary to maximize sales of their books.

The tool augments Firebrand’s Title Management Enterprise Software™ and Eloquence on Demand™ service, the book industry’s gold standard publishing support platform, and gives publishers unprecedented transparency into the retail marketplace.

“For 18 years, Eloquence on Demand has syndicated metadata and content globally for thousands of publishers.  Metadata is often viewed as technical in nature,” says Firebrand President Doug Lessing. “But in actuality, it is all about merchandising books in marketplaces, facilitating effective relationships and ultimately putting books in the hands of readers. Today, with the announcement of Eloquence on Alert, we are providing the ideal complimentary service to report back actionable intelligence to our publishers that will help them respond to real-time events in the market.”

Lessing continues, “Our current Eloquence on Alert Beta Program is providing encouraging evidence of the impact proactive market analysis has on sales. We are excited to be launching this new service in March 2017.”

Visit to learn how you can maximize your sales through the use of Eloquence on Alert to make simple adjustments based on market intelligence.

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