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Firebrand Technologies announces two new resources

Firebrand Technologies announces new resources to help their community navigate the current situation more effectively:  PageNexter and New Data from Eloquence on Alert.


Sometimes, you just have to check things on a website manually. Maybe you have a list of product page URLs, and you want to see whether they each have the right price. Or you want to check them for new user reviews, or verify the product descriptions. Whatever the case, if you’re manually reviewing a list of web pages to make sure your data is right, PageNexter will speed things up for you!

PageNexter helps you quickly and easily cycle through a list of Amazon or B&N product pages, or any other websites you want, without having to open each of those pages in different tabs or browser windows. This free tool is available to anyone, does not require any registration, and is a cinch to use.

Check it out now at

New Data from Eloquence on Alert

Our Eloquence on Alert ( platform collects data from major book websites on a daily basis, providing publishers with insights into how their titles are performing and alerts them to issues that they might not otherwise catch.

As the COVID-19 situation has progressed, we have been watching carefully to see what trends may emerge, and we have just launched a new page on our website, under the Firebrand Research Labs section, detailing some of those trends, including:

  • Third Party Seller Sales vs. Amazon Direct Sales
  • Delays in Shipping and Stock Issues
  • Increasing Sale Price Volatility

Take a look at the data here:

Contact:  Joshua Tallent, Director of Sales and Education, (978) 225-2757