How do I find Christian social media influencers?


Now that the secret is out that influencers bring awareness, new clients, and new supporters, this is a question we get asked quite a bit as a marketing firm specializing in the Christian space.  After all, when you develop a faith-based product, faith organization, Christian non-profit, or Christian business it is especially important that the influencers you reach out to share your Christian values.


If you run a quick Google search on Christian Influencers, you are going to find some big names that ask for a significant budget to promote your brand.  What if you don’t have a six-figure budget?  Can you still find influencers to spread the word about your product or organization?  The answer is…YES!


First, you need to know that there are many types of influencers we can bring to your brand or campaign.  There are “Celebrity” Christian influencers like Sadie Robertson or Kevin Sorbo, then there are Macro Influencers who have at least 100k followers and get paid good money to promote to their followings.  You also have a middle tier of Christian Influencers in the 20-100K follower range with whom we can negotiate rates.  Finally, there are Micro-Influencers with 20K or less followers who are names you may not know, but their followers do!


If you have a tight budget and need to get the word out, Christian Micro-Influencers are the way to go!  They have engaged audiences from 1000-20,000 followers and love sharing great brands and products with them.  Many will work on trade out while others ask for a small fee to promote your brand.  We’ve had great success with our clients in promoting through these Micro-Influencers.


So back to the question we asked at the beginning.  How do you find them?  The truth is there is a lot of footwork involved in finding them, making the first contact with them, informing them of what you are all about, asking about their interest, and negotiating their support.  You can invest the time to build a database searching for and contacting them one by one, or if you need to move faster than that, you can reach out to us.  Over the last few years, we have pre-vetted a proprietary group of Christian Influencers and have launched campaigns for many companies such as HarperCollins Publishing – Tommy Nelson, Barbour Publishing, Sony/Affirm Films, Prone To Wander, The Dating Project (film,) Interstudy Bible Study App, and more!


When we manage a campaign, not only do we find you multiple influencers, we also manage the whole process of communicating with the influencers, following up to manage completion and provide a full report at the end.  We can also help you measure results by tracking clicks and sales.  We are here to help ensure your influencer experience is a success!


Check out the details of how our influencer campaigns work HERE.

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