Fiction book case study, mount hideaway mysteries

“Mount Hideaway Mysteries,” written by Vincent Christopher, is a family-friendly book and movie series for teens and adults. It features strong female characters, examples of engaged parenting, positive portrayals of Christians and Homeschoolers, and a lot of action, adventure, and mystery.  

The first book in the “Mount Hideaway Mysteries” series was recently released, and FrontGate Media was hired to help promote the book through our Women’s Blogger Network. The campaign took place over 8 weeks with the goal of increasing brand awareness, generating email leads, and creating SEO value through backlinks.  

Target Audience

The ideal audience for this campaign was Christian families with teen children who would be interested in reading a faith-based fiction chapter book. 


The campaign utilized FrontGate Media’s proprietary Women’s Blogger Network, our partnership with a large number of bloggers who have a substantial Christian following on social media and blogging platforms. The campaign included pitching, confirming, and facilitating the bloggers to go through the review process and post their reviews and a lead gen giveaway program. 

The campaign took place across four main social media platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram providing wide reach to Christian families in their favorite social media communities. 

Each blogger involved in the campaign received a free copy of the first book in the “Mount Hideaway Mysteries” series. In return, they read the book, wrote a book review, and shared about it on their own blogs and social media pages.  


Not only did the families and teens who read the book love the story, but the campaign itself had excellent results. 

  • Total Impressions: 458,591
  • Total Bloggers: 16
  • Total Social Media Posts: 52
  • Total Email Leads: 205

Bonus exposure was also generated via additional reviews posted at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, and through bloggers’ own email lists which are not included in the numbers above. 

The Women’s Blogger Network campaign reached over 450,000 people in their desired reader audience, increasing brand awareness for the “Mount Hideaway Mysteries” book and series as a whole. Additionally, the promotion resulted in over 200 warm email leads. This positive momentum will be used to continue promoting the first book in the series, as well as promoting additional books when they are released. 

Through this fiction book campaign, the goal to increase brand awareness and engagement was achieved. Additionally, the “Mount Hideaway Mysteries” series expanded its awareness and reach with more and more families and teen children getting to read this exciting book. 

Here are two rave reviews “Mount Hideaway Mysteries” received through this campaign:

“The characters come from a Christian family and take their faith seriously. At the same time, it feels like it is real-life everyday faith and the story doesn’t come off as preachy. The characters are many and all of them are unique and it makes the story fun.” – Little Homeschool on the Prairie

“If you have a teen that enjoys a good mystery and is looking for some Christian reading, this is definitely one to check out. Be warned though… it DOES end on a cliffhanger!” – A Modern Day Fairytale