We Ignite Nations Video PackageWe Ignite Nations (WIN) — a global non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to empowering and equipping leaders to spread the Gospel in their communities — engaged with FrontGate Moving Pictures for our Video Series Package to promote their charity brand in a visually appealing way as an integrated part of their overall strategy.

Our team has crafted 3 videos for WIN:

1. Founder Identity Video to share the story of how WIN began and the heart behind the mission.

This video is still in the works!

2. Story Narrative Video to share why and how giving to WIN makes a difference.

Click below to watch the uncaptioned version of this video.  We also created a version with captions. 

3. Book Trailer to promote the book, “Your Secret Calling” by ​​Leanna Cinquanta.

Click below to watch the book trailer.

What Does This Video Package Include?

Our video produciton package is part of our overall strategy and communications development for ministries and other organizations. Click to view our Video Series Package.

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