Christian Devotional Writing Service, Writing Devotionals

At FrontGate Media, we offer devotional writing as part of our content marketing services. Our team will bring your ideas to life in a 5 or 7-day devotional that you can share on popular apps and sites like the YouVersion Bible App and across your web and social channels. 

Most recently, we were hired by Upward — the Christian dating app from — to write and publish 24 devotionals. Leveraging ideas from their pre-written blog posts, our team crafted engaging and inspiring devotionals to resonate deeply with their target audiences. Each devotional was thoughtfully designed to encourage personal reflection and spiritual growth, effectively bridging the gap between building faith and making meaningful relationship connections. 

The Details:

  • 5-day devotionals with Scripture references and in-depth content
  • Engaging imagery for each day of the devotional to enhance the message
  • To be promoted through various devotional sites and apps.

You can view our most recent devotionals for Upward below:

At FrontGate Media, we understand the power of devotionals to connect with your audience on a profound level. If you want to provide your audience with a deep and meaningful connection with your Christian business, ministry, organization, or non-profit through devotionals that reach and impact your audience, we can help! Reach out to us today to get started!