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FaithWords releases first book by Pastor Albert Tate this week

HOW WE LOVE MATTERS: A Call to Practice Relentless Racial Reconciliation by ALBERT TATE
Foreword by Lecrae

How We Love Matters reimagines discipleship amongst believers and in the Church, begging us to acknowledge that racism has been discipled into the church. It didn’t show up by accident, and it won’t go away on its own.

Albert Tate proposes in; HOW WE LOVE MATTERS (FaithWords, March 8, 2022, ISBN: 9781546000532) that if we are all God’s Children then we need to create the space in the church a conversation on racial reconciliation. The church has been noticeably quiet when it comes to conversations on race and discrimination.  It is not an accident that racism is alive and well in the American church. Racism has, in fact, been taught within the church for so long most of us don’t even recognize it anymore. Pastor Albert Tate, a charismatic speaker and rising leader within the megachurch world, guides readers in acknowledging this fact and reimagines discipleship by encouraging siblings in Christ to sit together in racial discomfort and examine the role they may play in someone’s else’s struggle.

How We Love Matters is a series of nine moving letters, reminiscent of Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail, about different aspects of American and Christian culture. In letters that include Dear Whiteness, Dear America, and Dear Church, Tate calls out racism in the world, the church, and within himself and his reader. The book not only educates and enlightens, but also reimagines discipleship in a way that flips the church on its head. It looks to the life of our savior Jesus Christ as less of a blueprint for how we should live and more as a clear instruction manual for how we need to treat and love one another as siblings and neighbors, regardless of differences like skin color, culture, language, or beliefs.

Tate believes that the only way to make change is by telling the truth about where we are—relationally, internally, and spiritually. How We Love Matters is an exposition of relevant Biblical truth, a clarion call for all believers to examine how they see and understand each other, and it is a way forward toward justice, reconciliation, and healing.

Albert Tate is a pastor, public speaker, podcast host and Mississippi native who accepted a call to ministry at 21 years old. Sunday night service Pastor and finally, to Intergenerational Pastor where he essentially functioned as a Teaching Pastor.

In 2011, Albert left Lake Avenue to found Fellowship Monrovia in Monrovia, California which has a loyal Albert’s speaking engagements have taken him all around the world. He now serves on the board of Azusa Pacific University and the advisory council of the Fuller Youth Institute. He is also deeply involved in international church planting and is a Co-Catalyst of LA Church Planting.

Albert hosts the Albert Tate Podcast and Good News Today, a live weekday morning devotional show with thousands of daily viewers. Albert is the teaching pastor at Willow Creek Church.