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Faithlife launches Equip, a first-in-category integrated ministry platform

New Product Brings Together Biblically-based Content and Tools to Ease Church Outreach, Discipleship and Management

BELLINGHAM, Wash., April 20, 2021 – Faithlife, the church technology company and makers of Logos Bible Software, today released the newest, first-of-its-kind online integrated ministry platform, Faithlife Equip.

Unlike anything currently available on the market, Faithlife Equip integrates tools and content to support every leader in the church — from the senior pastor and worship leader to the children’s director and administrator — while providing congregant resources for spiritual growth, church involvement and community connectivity.


“As an organization founded 30 years ago to equip the Church to grow in light of the Bible, Faithlife has a heart for the mission of the Church,” said Faithlife co-founder and CEO Bob Pritchett. “The ultimate purpose behind Faithlife Equip is to help leaders create community for their church as they grow together in their spiritual journey.”

Faithlife Equip is a comprehensive platform that supports the entire ministry team. It provides every essential ministry tool in one affordable bundle. Faithlife Equip gives churches one login for all tech tools, including the church website, presentation software, live streaming, online giving, sermon resources, small group online community, church communications, outreach tools, Bible art, digital books, movies and TV, and more. Additionally, the platform has Logos Bible Software built-in and provides a digital text and video library for congregants.

“Faithlife Equip offers deep, specific support for actual tasks church leaders need to do, but the secret sauce of the platform is the content it offers, which is all centered on the Bible,” Pritchett said.

Faithlife Equip is built around the processes churches run on and provides every tool needed to connect, organize, equip and engage individuals. Additionally, the platform seamlessly integrates with existing products in the marketplace, providing ease for church leaders to add it to their current suite of tools.

“Too many church tech tools focus on the task, not the process,” Pritchett explained. “That’s why we created Faithlife Equip to think like a church. With Faithlife Equip, leaders can run the mission of their church by providing the tools to take their congregants on a personal path of growth.”

The development of Faithlife Equip began years prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but its relevance has only been solidified as churches of all sizes have been forced to navigate being the Church online.

Churches across the country are already utilizing the beta version of Equip, and Faithlife has seen a four-fold increase in new church acquisition since COVID-19 started in March of 2020.

“If you know how to use other social platforms and technologies, you know how to use Faithlife Equip, but the difference is our platform is a safe environment specifically designed for churches,” Pritchett added. “The ease of having everything in one place under one account is invaluable.”

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About Faithlife:  Faithlife, based in Bellingham, Washington, with offices in Arizona and Mexico, has been using technology to equip the Church to grow in the light of the Bible for 30 years. Since 1992, Faithlife has developed a full suite of church management tools, academic study resources, smart digital books, and Logos Bible Software, all part of its integrated ministry platform that automates tasks and simplifies workflows. For more information, visit

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