Faith Follow Launches as Social Media Site
for the Christian Community

Site provides a safe environment for Christians to connect, share and pray.

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-4-18-39-pmNew York, NY – Faith Follow launched today as a new social media platform with a mission to foster and enhance a strong Christian faith community. Available for Android, iOS and web, Faith Follow is designed to be a safe place for users to come for inspiration, support, fellowship, encouragement and education.

Created by Notion Digital, Faith Follow is unique to the market, offering a social media platform with the ability for users to create groups, share prayer requests, give thanks for answered prayers, and host discussions on faith topics. Faith Follow boasts superior privacy filters, including technology that eliminates questionable content, online predators or inappropriate banner advertising.

Faith Follow Founder and CEO Brian Setaro explains why the platform is unique, “After starting Notion Digital, we found an opportunity.  We discovered a need for a central place where the faith community could interact.  By creating a space that is exclusive to Christianity, users can feel comfortable in asking questions, expressing ideas and asking for prayer.”

Now, all believers who are seeking community can gather in one place online, confident that they will have a safe interaction.  Soon, churches and para-church organizations will also be able to utilize the site as a portal to create Bible study groups, event calendars, prayer chains and volunteer opportunities.

Reports show decreasing numbers of young people are attending church and associating with Christianity. Faith Follow hopes to reverse those numbers by helping a younger generation access information on Christianity and introduce them to a faith community.

Brian comes from a marketing and tech background, managing apps and brands for IAC, one of the largest digital companies in the world. This understanding of all facets of the technology, marketing and social worlds allowed Brian to launch Notion Digital. “I learned an incredible amount during my time in the corporate world.  Often, in that structure however, there are a lot of voices with great ideas, but not all voices are able to be heard. When I found the opportunity to take a gamble and start my own company, I jumped at the opportunity. I hope that Notion Digital can grow and continue to be a company that creates innovative technology for the faith audience.”

While Notion Digital is a relatively new company that is just a year old, it has already established itself as a leader in the Christian technology space. Notion Digital has created several of the top faith-based apps, achieving over 175,000 daily active users, 200,000 Facebook likes and 2M Mobile App Installs.  Its most popular apps include My Daily Devotion, Bible Verses by Topic, and Weather Nun.

About Notion Digital

Notion Digital ( is one of the largest and fastest growing mobile app developers for Christian content.  Founded in 2015, Notion Digital has already accumulated over 2 million app installs and created a social following of over 300,000 Christians. Faith Follow is the newest product from Notion Digital, with a goal to be the largest Christian social network where believers can gather to openly discuss their views, share prayer requests, partake in a number of groups and meet other Christians. The Faith Follow apps are available on iOS and Android devices and also available through the website,