Come Out In Jesus Name Facebook Street Team Case Study

Come Out In Jesus Name” is a riveting documentary film directed by Ed Lamberg and Tim Romero, released in 2023. The film follows the startling journey of Greg Locke, dubbed as the most controversial pastor in America, who dramatically diverges from his mainstream religious traditions. With a focus on Locke’s quest for revival, the narrative reveals the pastor’s transformation and leadership in a new direction. 

FrontGate Media was hired to promote this documentary by developing a Facebook Street Team as part of our Christian Social Marketing Services.  


“Come Out In Jesus Name” was intended for a broad audience but specifically targeted toward individuals interested in exploring their faith and spirituality. Because of this, our Facebook Street Team campaign targeted a wide range of individuals in the Faith and Family sector.  


At FrontGate Media, we have a three-step process for developing and executing a Facebook Street Team campaign:

Phase 1: Set up social posts to promote the Street Team

  • Set up a landing page to collect commitments.
  • Boost the social post to reach a larger audience.

Phase 2: Communicate with the Street Team members

  • Send an email with instructions for the Street Team to share a Facebook post and Instagram post promoting the film.
  • Participants were asked to complete two tasks in exchange for a free ticket to see the movie.

Phase 3: Collect responses from people who completed Street Team requirements

  • Verify which participants completed the Street Team activities.
  • Submit the verified list for ticket distribution.

Come Out In Jesus Name Facebook Street Team Case Study

Facebook Street Team Details

Here is a breakdown of the process in more detail:

  • We create your own VIP Ambassador Team/Street Team to help launch your new product.
  • We recruit your most active “Raving Fans” from your Facebook page.
  • Includes all the campaign development, content strategizing, execution, and reporting.
  • We create a detailed series of tasks to be completed both in and out of Facebook, for example, reviews, share with their pastor, share on social, Facebook fundraiser, etc.
  • We work with you to determine incentives for these “Raving Fans.”
  • We secure their commitment to participate.
  • We guide them through a series of actions, holding them accountable to make good on their commitment to you.
  • Our program creates excellent exposure while driving people to the page/product/cause/store destinations of your choice.
  • The process from ideation to report completion is approximately 6-8 weeks.


Overall, we received a terrific response to our Street Team sign-up. Once in the Street Team, over 37% of participants completed both tasks to promote “Come Out In Jesus Name,” which resulted in over 130,000 social engagements!

  • Street Team Members Recruited (committed to the Street Team): 733
  • Total Participants (who shared the promotion posts): 275
  • Verified Participants (verified completed tasks): 193
  • Social Reactions (like, comments, shares): 139,996

In theaters for a one-night release, thousands of movie-goers flocked to see this documentary. The movie topped the charts as the highest per-screen average in North America.

Need Raving Fans to Help Promote Your Next Big Project?

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