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Elk Lake Publishing releases “Man on Fire” about Polycarp, St. John’s last disciple

Elk Lake Publishing, Inc., Plymouth, MA, has released Man on Fire—St. John’s Last Disciple: Polycarp by Archbishop Robert L. Wise, PhD.

No person provided more support in the Church’s struggle against Roman Imperial oppression and the first destructive heresy than Polycarp, the towering first father of the ancient Church. His story conveys the intrigue and struggle of the early Christians as they overcame persecution and conflict.

Based on a true story, history, and fact, this exciting narrative takes artistic license embodied in the fictional figures of Bythnia Attalus, her daughter, Constance, and her son, Arius, who tells Polycarp’s story.

Publisher Deb Haggerty said, “Today, more than ever, we need to hear of men and women who stand up for the faith even in the face of persecution for those beliefs.”