2017 Report will provide new, comprehensive, in-depth look
at industry’s consumer and book buying trends


Contact:  Stan Jantz, Executive Director, ECPA, 714-655-5341,

November 17, 2016, Phoenix, Ariz. — The Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA), on behalf of its member publishers, has commissioned The 2017 Consumer Landscape Survey of Book Buying Trends in the Christian Market through Nielsen’s Books & Consumers, the definitive monthly tracker for book consumers in the U.S.

ECPA has underwritten the report so that members will be able to purchase the report at a deep discount – on a sliding scale based on company size.  ECPA desires that the information in this report is accessible to all its members.

“Today’s publishers need the best and most accurate insights possible in light of the challenges of an evolving Christian book market – with shifts in channels, technology, and content as new generations find new expressions for their faith,” explains ECPA executive director Stan Jantz.

“The ECPA Research Committee, made up of industry leaders within ECPA and chaired by Tammy Gaines (United Methodist Publishing House/Abingdon Press), has been intricately involved in the scope of this project to ensure it is an invaluable resource to ECPA publishers in the year ahead.”

Completed and available to ECPA members in January 2017, the study will be a definitive snapshot of today’s Christian book market.

Purchasers will:

·         Gain a fundamental view of the larger Christian book landscape;

·         Understand how their business fits within the larger ecosystem;

·         Identify new opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

“This is a completely new report,” states ECPA Research Chair Tammy Gaines.  “It not only features the latest data on the Christian book consumer but dials into trends in content and buying behavior, provides insights into how our books fit within the larger publishing landscape, and will reveal where our brightest opportunities lay.”

For more information, member pricing, and ordering, please visit or contact ECPA.


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