ECPA's Rush To PressECPA industry marketing survey available for members who participate by July 31

The marketing world has been turned upside down over the last decade by the introduction of iPhone, Android, iPad, Kindle, Google AdWords, web-based marketing, and direct to consumer marketing, not to mention social media. The digital revolution combined with the wide acceptance of online purchasing made marketing budgets of the past obsolete. No publisher can run its marketing program the way we did even 5 years ago. The ECPA 2014 Marketing Survey (the first in seven years!), was developed over the last year by representatives from 10 ECPA member publishers representing a wide range of sizes and product emphasis.  It gives benchmarks on how participant’s sales and marketing efforts compare to others, and discover what is happening in Christian Publishing doing overall.  ECPA member publishers must participate by July 31 to receive the results.  Contact ECPA as soon as possible for information.