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ECPA announces new business solutions provider

Global Bridgebuilders to offer ECPA members a discount off their services

Skot WelchECPA has partnered with Global Bridgebuilders (GBB) to offer ECPA members discounted services, in order to encourage sustainable changes to ECPA members committed to a more diverse workforce and publishing program. Global Bridgebuilders has built a record of transforming enterprises by capturing the advantage present in every diverse workforce.  “A disciplined approach to diversity permits companies to build robust, long-term performance advantages,” explains Skot Welch, president of Global Bridgebuilders.

“We are so pleased to include Global Bridgebuilders in our family of business solutions providers,” states Stan Jantz, ECPA president. “They provide an important solution for ECPA members committed to a more diverse workforce and publishing program.”

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Global Bridgebuilders joins a group of companies committed to providing ECPA members with discounted business solutions. They are: MetaComet, Firebrand Technologies, NetGalley, NPD Book, and Flagler Law Group.  For more information, visit the Business Solutions menu at