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DVD Bible Study Brings the Miracles of Jesus to Life with Footage
from Israel and Insight from 6 Bible Experts 

Los Angeles, California—Rose Publishing released a top-of-the-line Bible study this month by Dr. Matt Williams of BIOLA University: Miracles of Jesus Deeper Connections DVD Bible Study (Rose Publishing). Featuring footage of Israel and a plethora of the world’s top scholars in New Testament studies from Wheaton, Talbot Theological Seminary, and more, this DVD study is unlike any other released by Rose Publishing.

From the Sea of Galilee to the Healing Pools and the Jaffa Gate, each session opens with a brief introduction at these key biblical locations to provide visual context for a richer study of Jesus’ Miracles. Featuring 6 biblical experts with specialized areas of knowledge, Rose’s NEW Miracles of Jesus DVD adds a fresh perspective to well-known miracles of Jesus, including: Jesus walking on water; feeding the 5,000; healing the woman with the issue of blood; healing of the 10 lepers; cursing of the fig tree, and more!

“If you are looking for biblically reliable teaching presented by first-rate evangelical scholars in a way that will hold people’s interest and engage them with practical application, look no further than the “Miracles of Jesus.” They’re fantastic! These resources will help people grow in their faith in an age of superficial and unreliable teaching by grounding them in what Jesus really did and said.” –J. Scott Duvall, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament and Chair of Department of Biblical Studies at Ouachita Baptist University

With modern-day illustrations, thought-provoking questions, and real-life examples, these lessons will encourage small groups and congregations to put Jesus’ lessons into action. It covers cultural and historical background of the most beloved miracles of Jesus in the Bible in an easy-to-understand way:

  • Session 1: The Clean Daughter: Healing of the Woman with the Issue of Blood
  • Session 2: The Heartbeat of God: Water to Wine
  • Session 3: Knowing the King: Feeding the 5,000/Walking on Water
  • Session 4: A Faith-full Outsider: Faith of the Canaanite Woman
  • Session 5: Fruitless Lives: The Cursing of the Fig Tree
  • Session 6: Grateful Outcasts: Healing of the Ten Lepers

“Much teaching that goes by the label “biblical” is only biblical in the loosest sense.  In contrast, The Miracles of Jesus video series actually does what it claims to do:  It guides listeners into deeper connections with the Biblical text.  Taught by seasoned scholars and teachers of the New Testament, this series of videos will help you grow in your understanding of God’s Word, find faithful applications of the text in life, and come to know Jesus better.  I gladly recommend it.” –Kenneth Berding, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament, Talbot School of Theology at BIOLA University

Enjoy the fascinating facts and dramatic landscape of the Holy Land clearly explained by the top experts in their fields. Dive into the Jewish law and Greco-Roman superstition that made the woman with the issue of blood unclean and ‘unfit’ to interact with Jesus. Understand the incredible shame at stake for the bridegroom at the Wedding of Cana if Jesus had not turned the water to wine. Learn why Jesus turned out not only the sellers in the Temple, but the buyers as well.

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The Miracles of Jesus DVD-Based Study is priced at $38.98 and includes 6 sessions, one participant guide, and a free PDF Leader Guide.

Miracles of Jesus 6-Session DVD Bible Study Product Code: 4140DX – ISBN: 9781628624397