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Don Jacobson announces Jenni Burke as successor, owner/president of Literary Agency

PORTLAND, Ore. (October 2, 2019) — Longtime literary agent Jenni Burke has been announced as the new owner and president of D.C. Jacobson and Associates, effective immediately. Former owner and president Don Jacobson made the announcement following his appointment to SVP and Books Group Publisher for HarperCollins Christian Publishing and Harper Collins Focus.

“We began developing a plan to move Jenni into the presidency role earlier this year before my conversation with HarperCollins began,” said Jacobson. “Jenni has helped grow this agency from the ground up. There’s no one else to whom I could imagine entrusting this business.”

Burke stated, “Don’s HarperCollins colleagues and authors will be blessed by his strategic and caring leadership style.”

“I’m beyond thrilled for this opportunity to lead the agency into the future,” Burke said. “It’s been a natural transition, and the agency is in a great place, thanks to the foundation laid by Don and our talented team of agents. We will excel in this new season, and will continue to innovate in a rapidly changing industry, nurture and develop our beloved authors, and connect meaningful messages to readers around the world.”

Burke has worked with D.C. Jacobson and Associates since its founding in 2006. During her career, she has succeeded in finding key thought leaders and first-time authors and helping them develop national bestselling books. Her author roster includes Jess Connolly, Alli Worthington, Aaron and Jamie Ivey, Myquillyn Smith, Tsh Oxenreider, and Jessica Turner.

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