Enjoy this rich media adFor those who may not be familiar with the term rich media, simply put, rich media is using video, animation and audio in your online advertisements. Click the image to the right for a fun example of a rich media ad.

Christian market ad media tends to be low tech due to budget constraints, the rush to get through a large volume of projects and creative quickly, and in some cases tech limitations on sites that will run the creative.

However, everyone who wants to generate more engagement and clicks should be AT LEAST entertaining the idea of rich media advertising for priority campaigns. You can do good and/or simple rich media without being one of the top brands in the world.

Creating a successful online campaign using rich media is relatively easy if you use these tips to maximize your results. It certainly makes sense for priority and longer term projects such as Bibles, films, non-profits, and key book or music releases.


  • Use the unique rich media functionality to keep users interacting for a longer period of time.  This includes using video, polling, or games that will engage users.
  • Create an engaging user experience in order to maximize the user’s time on the ad by using several different ad panels.


  • Simply use functionality such as data collection and sweepstakes.
  • Work to use fewer panels by creating concise content and very clear calls to action.


  • Design the banner panels as one integrated experience, making all panels accessible at all times.
  • Use sound and video, as well Flash and interactive features with video, Spots of 15-30 seconds work best.
  • Be sure to include player controls in the ad.  At the least, include Play/Pause and Mute on/Mute off.
  • Include loading messages and end with calls to action such as BUY NOW, CLICK HERE and REPLAY.


  • ALWAYS include a strong call to action, such as a “rollover to expand.”
  • Make sure the world “rollover” appears immediately and prominently within the banner.
  • Hot spots must accessible at all times and above the fold.

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We also have excellent rich media opportunities on most of our FrontGate Media group sites including NewReleaseTuesday.com, TheWashingtonTimes.com, iTickets.com, WorshipTogether.com, HollywoodJesus.com, a great Home Page Peel on ChristianGuitar.org,  and more.

To see other great examples of rich media advertising, click to the 2012 Webby Awards, Click on Interactive Advertising, then select RICH MEDIA options from the drop down menu.