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Deep River Books to remain a family-run publisher

Bill Carmichael to Step Down from Day to Day Operations, son Andy to fill role of Publisher

Bill Carmichael has been in the Christian publishing industry for over 40 years and has decided it’s time to step away from the daily operations at Deep River Books, a partner publishing company he founded in 2001 along with his wife, Nancie. Deep River Books has published over 400 authors during this time. Many of their authors have found success, with multiple books being published. Several of the new authors they have mentored have gone on to sign book contracts with major Christian publishers after their first book with Deep River Books.

“I love mentoring authors, but it’s time for me to spend more time finishing some of my own writing projects,” Bill said. “And I am confident that I am leaving the daily operations of Deep River Books to a great team of young, talented people. Along with Tamara Barnet, Sean Tosello, and a great support team, I am personally gratified to have my son, Andrew Carmichael, become Publisher. Deep River Books is in good hands.”

Andy Carmichael has been with the company as associate publisher since 2013. As a published author himself, Andy is experienced in the various phases of the industry and knows how daunting it can be for new authors in the ever-changing era of technology.

“I am grateful to my parents for having this vision to partner with new and unknown authors,” said Carmichael. “There are a lot of talented Christian writers out there with quality manuscripts which might not otherwise see the light of day. It’s always exciting and rewarding to find that next ‘diamond in the rough.’”

Carmichael said they have added new staff members, reorganized some positions, and added some technical innovations to enhance what is being done to mentor and promote their authors. Bill will remain in the roles of CEO and advisor, but will no longer be involved in the daily operations.

“My mother [Nancie] still plans to be part of the editorial review process and attend regular staff meetings.”