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Deep River Books to release book by
internationally acclaimed leader

The Softer Side of Leadership coming May 17, 2018

Sisters, Oregon (May 11, 2018) — Dr. Eugene B. Habecker, president emeritus of Taylor University and current chair of the board at Christianity Today, learned many of the “hard” skills of leadership during his extensive education. But just as important were the “soft” skills he learned and refined during his 35 years of executive leadership experience—skills such as humility, integrity, and forgiveness. Now, he shares what he learned in a book already acclaimed by prominent leaders around the world—The Softer Side of Leadership: Essential Soft Skills that Transform Leaders and the People They Lead.

Drawing on his own experience, the advice of other experts, and Scripture, Dr. Habecker has composed a unique, invaluable book. The Softer Side of Leadership is not the first book on soft skills, but its early readers enthusiastically note what makes it special. “This is not a theoretical book; most importantly, it is a greatly needed practical and personal one based on real and meaningful experience,” explains Roberto Laver, founder and director of FIDES. The Softer Side of Leadership is also heartily endorsed by Roy Peterson, the president and CEO of the American Bible Society, who tells potential readers that if you read this book, “Not only will you become a more effective leader, you’ll become a happier, holier person as well.” Peterson and Laver are only two of the forty-three leaders across educational, non-profit, and corporate industries that have given The Softer Side of Leadership their glowing endorsements.

DR. HABECKER has served in presidential and CEO roles at Huntington University, the American Bible Society, and, most recently, Taylor University. He retired from Taylor in 2016 and now chairs the board of directors at Christianity Today. He holds degrees from Taylor University (BA), Ball State University (MA), the University of Michigan (PhD), and Temple University (JD). He graduated from the Institute for Educational Management program at Harvard University and has received nine honorary doctorates.The Softer Side of Leadership, his fourth book, is published by Deep River Books and releases May 17, 2018.

The Softer Side of Leadership
By Dr. Eugene B. Habecker
ISBN: 978-1632694683
Retail Price: $15.99
May 17, 2018

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